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The Koz Effect


In a world filled with bad news,
they report the news…badly.

Have you ever turned on the radio and thought, “You know, there’s just not enough talk radio shows?” Have you ever flipped on the radio or TV and wished you could find just one show filled with misinformed blather about the state of the planet? Have you ever wished that a political discussion show could deteriorate into so much arguing that you can’t tell the difference between “Meet the Press” and “Maury” – well, except for the fact the political show probably wouldn’t rely on giant babies and DNA tests for their topics? And haven’t you ever wondered, “Gee, wouldn’t the news be more entertaining and understandable if they summed up the week’s news with a catchy pop song played by one of the reporters? Well, your prayers have been answered – because “The Koz Effect” is ready to hit the Internets by storm!

Broadcast from Radio Titans Studios in the heart of Hollywood, anchorman Carl “Koz”lowski leads a crack team of reporters – or is that a team of crackheads? – through a rollicking discussion of the week’s events and hot topics, supplemented by interviews with America’s biggest comedy, media and political stars, graced by a weekly phone call from God Himself, and fortified with 12 essential vitamins. Koz will start each week’s show with a hysterical (it may not always be funny, but it WILL be hysterical) rant on a hot topic in a segment called “Koz I Said So.” Later each week, he’ll make a plea for understanding and tolerance on a hot-button issue with a warm-hearted talk called “Koz for Concern.”
And when he sits down with his guests for an in-depth interview, it’ll be a “Kozversation.”Yet Koz also has an ace team of correspondents ready to guide listeners to greater knowledge, understanding, enlightenment and most of all, laughter.

From the Right, he has Right Wing Sex Machine Travis Cohen, who will spar weekly with the team’s representative from the Left, liberal feminist Penelope Lombard. And rising above to melt these polar opposites and find common ground is the show’s Voice of Reason, Cordell Pace. Providing even greater insights for their listeners is ForeignER Correspondent Jackie Loeb, who hails from Australia but can’t figure out basic aspects of American life, like how to hail a cab here. Each week, she’ll take on a foreign affairs issue – or at least attempt to, before giving up in frustration to instead complain about yet another American custom she cant grasp or understand. Tying it all together in a musical bow is Musical Correspondent Scott Vinci, who will sum up each week’s events with a song that may not be informative , but will be damn good fun to sing along to, and…
A closing comment from God. Yes, God. You might think He’s got better things to do, but hey, He’s all powerful and bored from His home office in Buffalo , and He’ll step in and rate the show at it’s close each week – as well as making other surprise appearances whenever religious insanity (whether Muslim terrorists, Reverend Fred Phelps, or that crazy Christian filmmmaker who ran naked through the streets of San Diego) rears its ugly head.
So what more do you need?

Carl KozlowskiCarl Kozlowski (MAJORDOMO)

Carl “Koz” Kozlowski is not only the host of “The Koz Effect,” but also its creator, producer, head writer and caterer. In addition to providing delicious snack treats and incisive social commentary, Kozlowski has been a professional reporter and stand up comedian for the past 16 years, combining his two skills to win the title of “America’s Funniest Reporter” at the world-famous Laugh Factory comedy club. He looks forward to gifting the world with his political analysis, which may not be astute but is hopefully funny.


Episode 42 This week, it was a radically different panel than usual, as BRIAN FULLER returned after several months to rep the Right, STEVEN DIORIO made his debut with potent analysis, and SAL RODRIGUEZ returned with hilarious commentary from across the spectrum! PLUS an awesome 30-minute phone-in from Comedy Central/CurrentTV/KPFK star JIMMY DORE! We discuss everything from Nik Wallenda’s tightrope walk across the Grand Canyon to Paula Deen’s racist claptrap to the immigration bill and a whole bunch of talk about Snowden and the NSA as well as the mysterious death of reporter Michael Hastings, all wrapped up with a panting search for the topless photos of Kate Upton on a horse!

Episode 41 This week, Koz , CHRISTINA MYERS, SCOTT SYCAMORE AND GUEST HOST Lee Lustig team up to discuss gay Boy Scouts and weird youth group leaders, Michael Douglas’ really gross cause AND cure for cancer, the transsexual cartoon superhero coming to children’s TV real soon, and way more wild and inappropriate news from the week just passed!

Episode 40  Regular panelists CHRISTINA MYERS, CORDELL PACE and SCOTT SYCAMORE take on Obama’s scandal-rama, the idiot theater showing “Iron Man 3″ that almost set off a police frenzy by hiring actors dressed in body armor to carry guns through the theater “to make it feel more special,” and much more!

Episode 39 The powerhouse team of now-fulltime panelists hit another bunch of homers this week, as HELEN HONG, CHRISTINA MYERS, CORDELL PACE and SCOTT SYCAMORE join CARL KOZLOWSKI to discuss Plan B pills being sold to girls,a debate over  how hard it is to find a good burial spot for the dead Boston bomber, Syrian hackers accusing Justin Bieber of being gay, and best of all, a dramatic reenactment by Carl and Christina of the transcript from Reese Witherspoon’s  hilarious drunk arrest. Tune in!

Episode 38  Koz teams up with awesome regular panelists CORDELL PACE, SCOTT SYCAMORE and CHRISTINA MYERS for a hilarious rundown of the Taliban’s spring offensive, the crazy mom of the Boston bombers, the Texas man who screamed “Wow!” after receiving a lethal injection and much more as we bring you last week’s bad news…badly!

Episode 37 No Carl this week as the infinitely superior Jake Belcher guides the show for the week. Scott Sycamore, Cordell Pace and Christina Myers come on the journey to talk about the Boston Bombings, Psy’s new video, Two live Crew, Coachella and a bunch more in a super fast fact bending hour. Dig in.

Episode 36 Featuring conservative comedy legend, comic/writer EVAN SAYET, this might be our funniest, fastest and most furious episode yet! With new regular HELEN HONG joining longtime panelists CORDELL PACE and SCOTT SYCAMORE plus host CARL KOZLOWSKI, this episode covered North Korean soldiers doing the Funky Chicken, the wonderment over Kim Jong-Un’s two-week disappearance, Justin Bieber wishing Anne Frank could have been a Belieber, and much much more! Bonus: Carl raps an ENTIRE Jay-Z song! A must listen!

Episode 35 One of our funniest episodes ever, with not one but TWO big comedy stars on the panel: BIL DWYER of “The Tonight Show” and “Battlebots,” and HELEN HONG of Showtime, Logo and much more! Plus frequent panelist SCOTT SYCAMORE returns to wreak havoc again on the week’s news, along with CARL KOZLOWSKI as your host! North Korea, topless Tunisian protesters and the mysteries of the Obama marriage (bear with us) are all explained in this hilarious hour!

Episode 34  Koz mixed it up with a panel of first-time commentators, with comics JEROME CLEARY, LISA JOFFERY and JASON PICKAR all taking shots at everything from Prop 8′s debut before the US Supreme Court to the wild allegations about the man who puppeteers Elmo, with a rare intentionally serious moment as they pay tribute to recently deceased comic Scott Kennedy.

Episode 33  Koz is joined by SCOTT SYCAMORE, JIM COUGHLIN, CORDELL PACE and new panelist JOHN MONTANA JR. take on the new Pope, sex in space, and mom’s who shop at Victoria’s Secret for their 9 year old daughter’s underwear on this week’s presentaiton of the week’s bad news…badly.

Episode 32 Koz ripped through the news week, including outrageous debates on everything from guns and terror to the picking of the new Pope, with special guest SAM TRIPOLI (“THe Naughty Show”) and ERIKKA INNES both weighing in with regular panelist SCOTT SYCAMORE and host CARL KOZLOWSKI

Episode 31  Koz had a packed house with regular panelists PENELOPE LOMBARD, ERIC PORVAZNIK and SCOTT SYCAMORE, plus special guests DAVID STEIN of Republican Party Animals and special guest comic THOMAS KELLOGG all ripped the week’s news! Lots of good stuff here, folks!

Episode 30 Koz teams with regular panelists BRIAN FULLER and LAURENCE WHYTE, as well as special guest BRAD STEUERNAGEL (in town from New York!) as they discuss Britain’s credit rating downgrade, the LA hotel whose water supply turned nasty due to a  dead body in the water tank, a mom who’s in trouble for hiring strippers for her son’s 16th birthday party and much more from the week’s bad news!

Episode 29 National comedy star MIKE MARINO sits in on the panel with SCOTT SYCAMORE and SCOTT VINCI, who sang a hilarious song about dollar stores in an ode to our failed economy. We also broke down the craziest news week of all time, featuing the Pope resigning, the Vatican getting hit by lightning, the maniac cop being burnt to a crisp, the USS Shitstorm on Carnival Cruise Lines and so much more!

Episode 28  Koz and a panel featuring special guest comic LENNY SCHMIDT, plus CHRISTINA MYERS (cohost of Koz’s new show “Pajama Party” starting TONIGHT! – rip on a mom who passed drugs to her imprisoned son by using French kissing, the horrific possibility (or is it actually a tasty alternative?) that we’re all eating horsemeat instaed of beef and plenty more of the week’s weirdest news!

Episode 27  SPECIAL FRIDAY EDITION – Koz teams up with veteran panelists CORDELL PACE and BRIAN FULLER along with MELODY GONZALEZ in her 3rd trip to Titans studios, as they mock out the manhunt for LA’s crazy cop killer, plus a vote to ban drones from flying over a town in Virginia, a dress that disappears when it turns women on, and….oh, just listen to the show already! It’s awesome!

Episode 26  It’s our most eclectic panel ever! We have our beloved “Feisty Feminist” Penelope Lombard, PLUS panel regular Laurence Whyte, our new Middle Eastern correspondent Faruk Amireh and the second show in a row with our Latina opinionatorMelody Gonzalez! We tore up the week’s news six ways to Sunday, and you’ll have a blast hearing it!

Episode 25 This week, Koz breaks up the last few episodes’ sausage fests with a mostly female panel of hilarious and sharp-thinking comics. Special guest BOBBIE OLIVER schools Koz again and again, with the return of Effect’s regular Feisty Feminist PENELOPE LOMBARD and new panelist – fresh from Idaho – comic NIKKI COLLARD. Bobbie’s husband comic CHRIS OLIVER is also there, but most of the time he’s schooling Koz too. They rip through Obama’s inaguration, the female take on gun control., women in combat, what women should be allowed to watch to make up for having to watch the Super Bowl, and MUCH more!

Episode 24 This week on THE KOZ EFFECT, your host CARL “KOZ”LOWSKI welcomes regulars CORDELL PACE and SCOTT SYCAMORE back for another comical battle royale over the week’s news, with first-time guest, the fiery MELODY GONZALEZ, joining in and giving ‘em hell every step of the way as they tackle the strange tales of Manti Teo and the tall tales of Lance Armstrong. Then superstar comic JIMMY DORE (TWO solo Comedy Central specials and the host of the nationally syndicated “The JImmy Dore Show”) phones in to dissect Obama’s executive orders on gun control and surprisingly tells us why Obama’s doing EXACTLY the wrong thing (and Jimmy’s a progressive)! Add in an innuendo-based discussion of Subway’s foot-longs and Cordell’s hilarious impersonation of the white redneck killer who offered “Kiss My Ass!” as his last words on the chair, and you have the funniest hour in political talk radio!

Episode 22  One of our funniest shows ever, as not one but two of America’s hottest rising comics – TAYLOR WILLIAMSON and JOSH FADEM – joined regular panelists LAURENCE WHYTE and SCOTT SYCAMORE to discuss everything from the secret messages of Tim Allen’s film titles to the gun control debate to the White House ignoring the wishes of many Americans who want us to build a Death Star. Host CARL “KOZ”LOWSKI almost passed out from his loudest, longest on-air laugh ever.

Episode 20 Carl “Koz”lowski gets another hilarious gang of comics together to rip through the week’s hottest news, including a no-holds-barred debate over the N-word and “Django Unchained,” the continuing battle over how to handle gun control after the Newtown massacre, and most hilariously of all, Al Gore’s sale of his cable TV network to Al Jazeera. Join Koz and his fellow panelists CORDELL PACE, SAL RODRIGUEZ and SCOTT SYCAMORE for this hilarious hour!

Episode 19 We take on the explosive news of the tragic school shootings in Connecticut, with Koz bringing in special guest SAM TRIPOLI (The Naughty Show), and frequent regulars SCOTT VINCI and SCOTT SYCAMORE, all discussing the tragedy and the debate over gun control in a way that is both thought provoking and – against all odds – entertaining. You just have to listen. We fill the gap that Bill Maher has left with his annual break, and also take on the issue of donkey sex and the constitution, and how Jamie Foxx and other black comics handle the race card. Good, volatile, funny stuff while still walking the good side of the line.

Episode 18  Koz and returning panelists PENELOPE LOMBARD, ERIC PORVAZNIK and LAURENCE WHYTE have their most sexually symbolic rip through the week’s headlines ever, with disussions of HoHos and Twinkies, General Petraeus’ sex life, “Real Housewives of the Pentagon,” Petraeus’ bio “All In,” stocking stuffers and Elmo’s battle to lear his name for having sex with a teenager. Tune in – the first 20 minutes are explosive!

Episode 17 This week Koz tried to recover from a shocking (well, not-so-shocking) presidential election loss by having a laugh with panelists PENELOPE LOMBARD (the Feisty Feminist!), first-timer comics JIM COUGHLIN and LAURENCE WHYTE, and second-timer SCOTT SYCAMORE! Plus, JIMMY DORE – Comedy Central legend! – called in with his thoughts, and we discussed everything from insanely greedy CEOs to why Obama might be paving the way for the Antichrist! Preach it!

Episode 16 With the election FINALLY here, Koz sits down with a powerhouse trio of guests: Radio Titans host BIL DWYER (TOnight Show, Battlebots), Radio Titans host and Tea Party co-founer MIKE ALEXANDER and Laugh Factory/’The View” comic ROZ BROWNE – to take on the final batltles between Barack and Mitt, why it’s harder to make fun of Obama than Bush, and finally answering the question of what do conservatives want in a president and what’s wrong with Obamacare. Listen, laugh, and then VOTE!

Episode 15 With the election just nine days away, Koz is joined by regular panelists SCOTT VINCI and ADAM GROPMAN and new panelist SCOTT SYLVESTER for what might be our funniest episode yet! They face off against the Frankenstorm, discuss the ridiculous ads of the presidential candidates, and Vinci teaches Koz how to plug in a sound cable so we can actually hear the ads Koz is complaining about – leading to the funniest damn 2 minutes and 21 seconds Koz has ever been involved with as they take down a pro-Obama ad featuring lots of creepy kids singing an even creepier anti-Romney song. Plus a discussion of how to solve breast cancer through Texas-style lesbian sex! Yeehaw

Episode 14 This week, host Carl “KOZ”lowski welcomes special guest comic IAN EDWARDS (CONAN), plus regular panelists ADAM GROPMAN, ERIK PORVAZNIK and CHRISTINA MYERS as they riff on the presidential and VP debates, as well as discuss super-strains of gonorrhea, the weirdest things they ever found on Craigslist as Operation Dot Com is discussed, and so much more! Plus a hilarious new song from panelist Singing Reporter SCOTT VINCI and yet another wild phone call by LAURA ORRICO, who this week plays Phyllis Winebottom, a Cleveland, Ohio, woman who will be driving the lead bus in the Million Muppet March on Washington! Tune in and turn on!

Episode 13 With the presidential debates coming up, we have our most substance-packed show yet while still bringing the funny, as ace political comic JIMMY DORE (2 time Comedy Central specials star!) joins a panel featuring first-timer MANNY SOPRANO, as well as regular PENELOPE LOMBARD and CORDELL “THE JOKER” PACE with Koz playing ringleader for a three-ring circus of political chicanery

Episode 12 What is it? Well it is super and secret, so, just listen to find out!

Episode 11 Koz takes on the Democratic National Convention, Romney flip-flops, fact checking both parties and bizarre presidential assassination threats with frequent panelist PENELOPE LOMBARD and this week’s superstar special guest SHANG!

Episode 10 Koz  welcomes legendary comic RICK OVERTON from the left and conservative comic firebrand ARI DAVID, plus actress/producer/comic CHRISTINA MYERS and Effect regular BRIAN FULLER as all hell breaks loose about the Republican convention and their alleged war on women. Plus, Sen. Barbara Boxer phones in while under siege from Republican forces at her home and SCOTT ViNCI has a new hilarious song!

Episode 9 This week we discuss “legitimate rape”, Chicago’s wild wild street shooting spree, the hurricane bearing down on the Republican convention and a whole lot more with our special guests RICK NAJERA (WGA-nominated writer for “In Living Color” and soon-to-be Radio Titans host!), DAVID DAYEN (political analyst for, ERIC PORVAZNIK (Conservative blogger for and KAT RADLEY (Marshalls Women in Comedy Fest)!”

Episode 8 ARI SHAFFIR, ADAM GROPMAN, CORDELL PACE and PENELOPE LOMBARD We talk about romney and ryan, awful TSA behavior and a bizarre new cure for morning sickness with special guest ARI SHAFFIR (LA Weekly’s 10 Comics to watch)! Plus adam gropman and the returns of jetsetting panelists cordell pace and penelope lombard!

Episode 7 Round Two With Jimmy Dore Its a packed studio as everyone chimes in on chick fil a, gay marriage and more – with TWO star guests! RT’s own JASON STUART (Americas top openly gay comic and host of “Namedropping wih jason stuart” and star political comic JIMMY DORE! Plus adam gropman, brian fuller and adam demidecki

Episode 6 Evan Sayet The Koz Effect gang – this week featuring Right Winger Brian Fuller, Radical Moderate Adam Gropman, and our backup Foreigner Correspondent Adam Demidecki – host very special guest EVAN SAYET, one of America’s top conservative comics and a writer for Arsenio Hall, Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher, and much more! ALERT: THIS EPISODE HAS SOME COMEDIC COMMENTS TIED TO THE AURORA SHOOTING INCIDENT (NOT DIRECTLY MOCKING THE TRAGEDY) SO LISTENERS SHOULD DISCERN IF THEY WISH TO LISTEN.) We take on Aurora, Fred Willard’s arrest, people who got literally burned at a Tony Robbins rally, and much more!

Episode 5 News Team Koz and the gang are joined by new right wing correspondent Jessica Kinsella and special guest expert, an intern named Sasha who knows way too much (actually too little) about what’s really going on behind the revolving door of “American Idol” judges

Episode 4 Jimmy Dore Koz and the gang discuss the week’s wildest news stories with beloved political comic Jimmy Dore, host of Pacifica Radio’s “Left Right and Ridiculous.”

Episode 3 The News Team Koz and the gang enjoy a phone call from God, a great song on the week’s news from singing reporter Scott Vinci and a freewheeling ride through democracy’s most embarrasing moments of the week.

Episode 2 Alanzo Boden Koz and his ace team of analysts break down the issues of gay marriage and Obama’s re-election prospects with “Last Comic Standing” champion Alonzo Bodden.

Episode 1  In the premiere episode, the Effect team takes on the deadly and terrifyingly hilarious prospect of the zombie apocalypse with special guest, national headlining comic Lenny Schmidt