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Live broadcasting by Radio Titans
Carl Kozlowski hosts an in-depth, often funny conversation with America’s most famous comics, writers and musicians
Episode 57 WENDIE MALICK  One of America’s funniest actresses, Wendie Malick has been a star of three long-running hits: “Dream On,” “Just Shoot Me” and “Hot in Cleveland.” But she almost never got the chance to be funny. Hear all about why and how she managed to break the serious-actress trap, as well as her upcoming special appearance with the prestigious MUSE/IQUE Orchestra, on this special “Kozversations.”
Episode 56 MILES TELLER The fast-rising star of the FOOTLOOSE remake, 21 AND OVER and PROJECT X, Miles Teller goes dramatic and hits a homer in the upcoming Aug. 2 movie “The Spectacular Now,” easily the best teen movie since “Say Anything” and a performance that shows he could easily follow in the footsteps of John Cusack and Tom Hanks as a charming Everyman for our times. Turns out he’s also got a lot of insights into the acting profession, which he shares with Koz. Hear him before he becomes a megastar in next year’s hotly anticipated movie “Divergent”!
Episode 55 COLIN QUINN - One of Koz’s all-time favorite comics, the former star of “Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn” and “SNL” and the sublimely awesome ‘Remote Control” is about to tear up the big screen in “GrownUps 2″, is wreaking comic havoc on off-Broadway in “Unconstitutional,” and will be bringing that show to a special performance at the Just For Laughs festival in Montreal! It’s a busy time for this master of mirth, but he found 20 minutes to talk about it all with Koz!
Episode 54 EDDIE IFFT- Koz talks to Eddie, who is known not only for his super-popular podcast “Talkin’ Shit” (found at www.eddieifft.com) but even more so for traveling the  world more than most comics – and for his innately skeptical attitude about everything from the government to those who throw conspiracies at the government! They talked about Eddie’s highly un-romantic attitudes towards marriage, about his most dangerous travels and some of the things he’s most skeptical about in a fascinating Kozversation.
Episode 53 RON PEARSON - Koz sits down for a hilarious talk with one of his comedy heroes, RON PEARSON, who has made it as a comic both in clubs and as one of the elite few who keep crowds pumped up for hours at sitcom and game show tapings. He’s got the new DVD “Apostles of Comedy: Onwards and Upwards,” which has him at his best – and as a guy who knows how to get big laughs while being clean. Listen and learn – and laugh!
Episode 52 SUNDA CROONQUIST – Koz sits down with fellow Radio Titans host/comedienne extraordinaire SUNDA CROONQUIST, who’s about to guest host on “The View” on July 12! Sunda talks about her incredibly colorful life, including her court battle for the right to make fun of her mother-in-law, all the while joined in commentary by her adorable daughters and their friend. Very funny kids, and a very funny lady! Oh tune in – this was a blast!
Episode 51 RACHAEL WORBY – Koz talks with internationally renowned conductor/musical director RACHAEL WORBY and her illustrious career as head of the Pasadena POPS and her current stunning artistic creation, the MUSE/IQUE Orchestra! She discusses what makes a great orchestra, what drives her creativity and takes us on a ride through her eclectic musical tastes and the thought process she used in creating her powerful 10th anniversary tribute to 9/11. A great talk with a great mind!
Episode 50  TIM PIPER – Hear Koz have an amazing Kozversation with America’s top John Lennon tribute artist, TIM PIPER! The star of the hot show “John Lennon: Just Imagine” reveals his amazing insights into the great singer’s life, and sings a great one himself! If you’re a Beatles fan, hear this!
Episode 49  JORDAN VOGT-ROBERTS: Koz talks with hot new comedy director JORDAN VOGT-ROBERTS of Comedy Central’s hilarious “Mash Ups” series and the fantastic new indie movie “The Kings of Summer” (Koz’s favorite movie so far this year, and he’s 150 annually! So it’s GREAT!) They talk about the magic of great movies for teens and kids and share plenty of amazing stories from the “Kings”!
Episode 48
DYLAN BRODY- Koz talks with one of the greatest comic storytellers in America, a major inspiration in every way to his own career! Incredible stories and discussions of the creative mind, what makes a great story, and does pot really help creativity?
Episode 47
GUSTAVO ARELLANO-  Koz talks with the creator of the “Ask A Mexican” column and OC Weekly editor, as they discuss his new book “Taco USA: How Mexican Food Conquered America,” and Gustavo answers some of Koz’s own unusual questions about Mexican culture and the way forward to immigration reform. Smart and funny talk!
MACKENZIE PHILLIPS – Koz talks with one of the biggest sitcom stars of the ’70s (Seven years on CBS’ “One Day at a Time”) and her incredible battle against drug addiction to become a still-working actress and motivational speaker today. Inspiring!
JEFFERY DEAVER – Koz takes a call from the NYT best-selling mystery author as they talk up his new book “Kill List,” his working process and lots about creativity and the key to good mystery.


JEFF ARCH- The Oscar-nominated writer of the modern rom-com classic “Sleepless in Seattle” talks about the creation of that movie, why it has worked so well so long, and how he is presently converting it to a stage musical hoping to head for Broadway.

Episode 43

ARLENE SCHINDLER- This veteran foxy comic and writer combines her skills in her debut novel, “The Last Place She’d Look,” and talks about love, sex and dating adventures and misadventures for women over 50!

Episode 42

Warren Durso- Koz speaks with veteran comic/writer Warren Durso, a man who was one of Sam Kinison’s Outlaws of Comedy but hit some bad luck after Sam died. Then Esquire magazine wrote a story about him called “Ugly,” and his life became really interesting from there as the most unlikely piece of publicity he could ever expect turned his life around. Hear the whole crazy story here!

Episode 41

WALTER MOSLEY- America’s top black crime fiction author has brought his top character Easy Rawlins back from near death in his new novel, “Little Green.” Now Mosley tells the story of why he almost killed off Easy, why he brought him back, how he learned to write and switched careers in his mid-30s and much much more!

Episode 40

BURT BACHARACH – Koz has the thrill of a lifetime interviewing the greatest songwriter of the ’60s and ’70s, Burt Bacharach! Hear America’s most romantic songwriter reveal why you shouldn’t get married til you’re 45, why he hated playing piano as a kid, and way more surprising moments! What the world needs now is for you to listen to THIS!

Episode 39

In a surprising interview packed with bombshells, the legendary comic writer/director behind Airplane!, Top Secret!, The Naked Gun movies, Ruthless People and Scary Movie 3-5, DAVID ZUCKER goes off on modern Hollywood comedy, studio interference, why Lindsay Lohan “has no respect for me as a human being,” the difference between how Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan manage to party like rock stars with completely different results, reveals who the original choice for Leslie Nielsen’s role in “Airplane!” was, how he annoyed Peter Graves the first time he met him for “Airplane!”, why the Zucker Brothers and Abrahams split up, his own conversion from liberal to conservative and how that’s affected him in Hollywood, and how he knew Mrs. Cleaver could jive talk. All this and more in perhaps my greatest interview EVER

Episode 38

Koz talks with JIMMY DORE, a two-time Comedy Central solo special star, host of the national radio show “The Jimmy Dore Show” and one of “The Young Turks” on Current TV! They talk about medical marijuana and how it saved Jimmy’s life, plus the drug war, why Obama is such a confusing mystery man to left and right alike, and the battle to think for oneself in a world that expects you to follow the herd.

Episode 37

Koz speaks with LOS LOBOS founding member LOUIE PEREZ about his 40 years with the greatest Latino rock band in American history! The early days in East LA, the stardom brought by “La Bamba,” and the excitement behind his hot new rock stage musical “Evangeline Remixed” all add up to one hell of a show!

Episode 36

OWEN SMITH – Koz has a hilarious  time with one of his oldest friends in comedy, the man who has not only done tons of late-night talk show appearances, but also  has been a comedy writer and actor on three big sitcoms: Everybody Hates Chris, Are We There Yet and now, Whitney! He has also been in some of the biggest most popular commercials of the past decade, including ones for State Farm insurance. Trust me, you know this guy. Hear him spill about what it was like to be one of the 2 percent of black students at Notre Dame, hear him speak Japanese (!), reveal the nice and funny side of Ice Cube (and whether one should call him Mr. Cube or Ice) and tons more! This will make you laugh!

Episode 35

FRANK GIRARDOT – As an editor at the Pasadena Star-News and a hardboiled crime reporter who’s drawn the admiration of no less than James Ellroy, Girardot knew he had the story of a lifetime when the bizarre story of the con man pretending to be Clark Rockefeller fell into his lap. Murder, deception, and all sorts of other lurid matters ensued, and his new book “Name Dropper: Investigating the Clark Rockefeller Mystery” covers it all. Girardot dropped by for this highly intriguing Kozversation about the book and his colorful career. Riveting!

Episode 34

TOM DREESEN - With more than 60 appearances on Johnny Carson’s “Tonight Show” and at least that many on “The Late Show with David Letterman,” Tom Dreesen is a comedy legend who’s even more famous as the opening act for Frank Sinatra around the globe for decades on tour. Tom’s also had an amazing and inspirational life story, and you’ll be amazed as well as amused by this very special episode. Find Tom on “Grand Theft Audio”‘s show page as well for another fun interview with Titans Jake Belcher and Brant Thoman taking the lead with him.

Episode 33

MICHAEL ROOKER- Topping the insanity of the Henry Rollins interview, Hollywood’s most badass character actor – who’s played everyone from serial killer Henry in “Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer” to zombie killer Merle on “The Walking Dead” – joins Koz for an hour of hilarious commentary about Koz’s poor choice of theme music, what drives the insane popularity of “Walking Dead,” a hand-pounding discourse defending the right to own guns, and much more.

Episode 32

HENRY ROLLINS- Even Koz himself can’t believe this epic interview with one of the most interesting people on the planet happened, but it did. Add in the fact that he got Henry to reveal the profound influence that Ted Nugent and Bill Cosby have had on his career, as well as his thoughts on gay marriage and drone attacks, and whether he gets lonely amid all his traveling, and you’ve got one hell of a learning experience, even for longtime fans. So sit back, grab a snack and relax  ’cause Henry Rollins loves to talk!

Episode 31

KRISTIAN HARLOFF and MARK ELLIS – team up with Koz for a discussion of this year’s Oscars and who’s likely to win or go home crying. Funny, informative stuff that YOU need to hear before the awards on Sunday!

Episode 30

The owner of America’s (and likely the world’s) oldest continuously running comedy club, Bob Fisher has seen and heard thousands of live comedy shows from the greats! Hear his amazing stories of the like of David Letterman, Norm MacDonald and more!

Episode 29

Hear the first ever live radio show EVER and the second public performance EVER of the hot new LA rock band SMALL TALK as they crank three tunes so loud it nearly brought the building down! OK, it just pissed some people off in the building, but hey that’s still pretty cool! Check ‘em out and learn about them as they discuss their lives. They will be performing acoustically as the house band on first episode of the new show Pajama Party Monday night at 10 pm!

Episode 28

Koz sits down for a 5 song mini concert and Kozvo with YONO, an amazing new singer-songwriter on the LA scene who says his songs come to him from God. They’re a mix of love songs and spiritual tunes that hush giant crowds at the Last Bookstore in LA regularly in amazement, and you can see him too there in a special show on Feb. 16. Check him out, he will be famous!!!

Episode 27 Dave Pirner

Hear Koz completely freak out as he interviews his favorite rock star/singer/songwriter of all time, Dave Pirner of Soul Asylum! A dream come true 20 years in the making, he makes the most of it by discussing the history of the band’s past, present and future and learns the secret meanings behind some of their most famous songs!


The best and worst movies of 2012 with Koz and his fellow critics TOM SNYDER of Movieguide.com and WILLIAM BIBBIANI and FRED TOPEL of Crave Online, in a very funny and energetic roundtable!


Koz brings you one of the most colorful people he knows, young gonzo journalist JUSTIN CHAPMAN, as he tells wild tales from his months-long journeys across the wildest countries in Africa! He may not be famous yet, but he IS fascinating enough to change all that with this hour!

Episode 24 Jonathon Menchin

One of the LA improv scene’s most unique and beloved characters, Jonathan Menchin has seen and done more in the past 30 years of Chicago and LA comedy than most people accomplish in, well, 35 years. Or a lifetime! The founder of the wildly popular live shows TopTale and TopTune spends a rollicking hour telling Koz all about it!

Episode 23 DL Hughley and Rob Schneider

In this week’s Kozversation, Koz talks with two of comedy’s greatest voices: D.L. HUGHLEY and ROB SCHNEIDER. Hughley is plugging his new book “I Want You to Shut the F#ck Up” and his work as a standup, actor and writer, with plenty of outrageous political observations. Schneider discusses his career in standup, SNL, movies and more, all while utterly exhausted from his wife’s delivery of his second child the night before.

Episode 22 Kelly Carlin

In this week’s Kozversation, Koz talks with KELLY CARLIN, who grew up as George Carlin’s only child, but she has gone on to become her own powerful voice in comedy and free speech advocacy as an adult. Kelly discusses her one woman show about growing up Carlin called A Carlin Home Companion, her podcast Waking Up from the American Dream and her Sirius XM show The Kelly Carlin Show. You’ll also learn that George was picketed by environmentalists and what he REALLY thought of God.


In this week’s Kozversation, Koz talks with one of his first comedy heroes, improv comedy legend from the historic Second City theater in Chicago DAVE RAZOWSKY. Now a highly popular improv teacher and performer in Los Angeles, Dave has performed with some of the biggest Second City stars of the last 20 years, including Tina Fey, Chris Farley, Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert. Together, he and Koz discuss his illustrious history and Dave’s many insightful thoughts on comedy and life.

Episode 20 Tracy Newman

Koz has a rollicking good time with Tracy Newman, the Emmy-winning co-writer of the historic “Coming Out” episode of the sitcom “Ellen,” as well as co-creator of the long-running ABC sitcom “According to Jim.” Now she’s out of comedy and into writing, performing and recording music with her band The Reinforcements, but they still have a bunch of laughs amid some of the most obnoxious construction noise known to man!

Episode 19 Wendy Hammers

Koz sits down for a phone chat with one of America’s best and most popular comedic storytellers, WENDY HAMMERS! She discusses everything from studying under the legendary Spalding Gray to sharing her most embarrassing onstage moment, but brings it all back to an in-depth discussion of her life, creative process and her smash-hit new solo show, “Ripe.”

Episode 18 Beth Lapides

Koz sits down with Beth Lapides, founder of UnCabaret, the most influential storytelling show in the nation! She’s also the producer of the Say The Word! story series at LA’s Skirball Center, the writer and star of the one-woman show “100% Happy 88% of the Time” and is a yoga expert and artist to boot. In the course of one funny and interesting Kozversation, they discuss it all!

Episode 17 Matthew Lillard

In this special “Kozversation,” one of Carl’s favorite actors - MATTHEW LILLARD from “Scream,” “Serial Mom,” “The Descdendants,” “SLC Punk”, “Trouble with the Curve” and of course, Shaggy from the “Scooby Doo” movies – comes on to discuss his debut as director of “Fat Kid Rules the World.” We talk about all aspects of his career, find out what it’s like working with Clint Eastwood and finally explain why he made so many movies with Freddie Prinze Jr.!

Episode 16 Jason Stuart

Fellow Radio Titans star JASON STUART (host of “Namedropping with Jason Stuart”) talks hilariously about his life, career, coming out, onset gossip, who’s a diva and who’s a mensch, and much much more on a very special KOZVERSATION!

Episode 15 Willy Raymond Don Woznicki

Koz is friends with Men in Black, and we’re not talking government agents – instead, a pair of fascinating Catholic priests – FATHER WILLY RAYMOND and FATHER DON WOZNICKI! They stop in for a Kozversation about working for God and working in Hollywood that is fast, funny and fascinating


As Secret Service agent Aaron, Glenn Morshower was one of Jack Bauer’s closest confidantes and world-saving partners, and was the only actor besides star Kiefer Sutherland to be on that iconic series for all of its first seven seasons. But Glenn is also a veteran character actor with dozens of other roles to his credit, particularly as law enforcement officials. Now, however, he’s breaking the mold as an Olympic team rowing coach in the new film “Backwards,” which is out in theaters nationwide Sept. 21, and he stopped in to talk about his colorful career.

Episode 13 Andrew McCarthy

On this Kozversation with Andrew McCarthy,  the ’80s movie icon and Brat Pack star (“Pretty In Pink,” “St. Elmo’s FIre,” “Weekend at Bernies”) discusses his out of left field career switch into travel writing, a move that has earned him national recognition as the best American travel writer of 2011 and led to his new book “The Longest Way Home: One Man’s Quest for the Courage to Settle Down.” He also shares some surprisingly funny insights into “Bernie” and the mysterious story behind the ridiculous wig he wore at the end of “Pretty in Pink.” Good stuff!

Episode 12 Ed Bacon

On this Kozversation with the Rev. Ed  Bacon, America’s most progressive Christian pastor and the head of All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena discusses his first book, ’8 Habits of Love” along with issues including  how fear is corrupting American politics, his church’s battle with the IRS and much more.

Episode “Take 5″

just a little extra for those that love the one on ones.


Koz chats instudio with PAT HEALY, the evil prank caller from the year’s most controversial film “Compliance”, and on phone with its writer-director CRAIG ZOBEL. Amazing stuff

Episode 10 MADS BRUGGER 

Koz gets the thrill of his life interviwing the man that Huffington Post has called “The most dangerous filmmaker on the planet,” the star and director of the  amazing new documentary THE AMBASSADOR (now at Cinefamily in LA  as well as VOD and Itunes nationwide) and Koz’s favorite documentary ever, THE RED CHAPEL. This guy is like Borat meets Michael Moore- just listen already!

Episode 9 Patty Schemel

As the legendary drummer for Hole, Patty Schemel found herself on a wild rollercoaster ride through world fame, severe druge addiction and eventually homelessness before recovering to be healthy today. She created the documentary “Hit So Hard” this past April about her life and times with some of the grunge era’s most famous people, especially Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain, and she called into “Kozversations” to discuss the film.

Episode 8 Father Darrin Merlino

Father Darrin Merlino is one of the coolest Catholic priests I’ve ever met, and a giant dude to boot – seriously, he’s the size of two linebackers. He is also a Claretian priest (we’ll explain) who’s about to be transferred from Los Angeles to Prescott, Arizona, but before he goes, he came in with some hilarious stories and a guns-blazing explanation of why Obamacare is at war with the Catholic Church. Tune in – it’s a doozy.

Episode 7  Peter Navarro Paul Kengor

Director of Death By China Peter Navarro and  Author Paul Kengor “The Communist: Frank Marshall Davis, The Untold Story of Barack Obamas Mentor.”

Episode 6 Karen Thompson Walker Peter Rader

Carl discusses “The Age of Miracles,” the debut novel by the year’s hottest new writer Karen Thompson Walker, and talks about the surprising life of one of America’s greatest TV journalists with Peter Rader, the writer of both “Mike Wallace: A Life” and the cult-classic movie “Waterworld.”

Episode 5 AJ Jacobs

On this week’s Kozversation (actually the first one we ever taped – inside information, yo!), Carl talks to one of his all-time favorite writers, A.J. JACOBS! As editor at large for America’s greatest magazine, Esquire, Jacobs has developed a unique voice that has carried into his humorous bestsellers “The Year of Living Biblically,” “The Know-It-All,” and his new book “Drop Dead Healthy.” He discusses his entire wild life and career with Carl in a hilarious 45 minutes.

Episode 4 Maz Jobrani

Carl sits down for an insightful hour with one of the world’s most popular comics, Iranian-American Maz Jobrani, discussing all things comedy and about the Middle East and where things are headed there. Hear some great clips of Maz’s greatest onstage moments as well!

Episode 3 Rick Najera

Carl discusses the remarkable life and incredible medical travails of Rick Najera, the award-winning comedy writer/actor from “In Living Color” and ”Latinologues” who has made a stirring comeback from a coma since last fall

Episode 2 Joie Blanie

Carl hangs with his favorite musician of all time, Joie Blanie of Radio TItans’ “Inside/Out with Joie Blanie”, as they discuss his rollercoaster ride to his present-day happiness, and the creative process of his fantastic music

Episode 1 David Garza

Carl rocks out with David Garza, one of the greatest rock singers you never got to hear, revealing the magic of this musical genius just in time for Garza’s major fall comeback CD and tour.