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Cat Show


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Here’s some facts about us:

We met at Lorain County Community College, located in beautiful Elyria, Ohio in 2005. We were asked to create a funny and engaging video for “Refworks”, a program that formats bibliographies for students. We created our first sketch character Super Stud, (who will later evolve into everyone’s favorite superhero that runs on the Android OS) but the powers that be felt the sketch was “too much” and refused to air it. Both finding the situation laughable, we’ve been writing partners ever since.

Likes: long walks on the beach, Psych, comic books, The Mars Volta, donkey punching, comedy, comic books, canoodling with vagrants, vintage t-shirts from Gadzooks, JNCO jeans, ICP (J.B. Bobo only), the work of Gaspar Noé, irate cancer patients, planning for the zombie apocalypse, Peppermint Schnapps, the Oxford comma, Tim Roth, the occaisonal brawl, The Ultimate Spider-Man animated series, and Johnny Quest. OH, one more thing; comic books.

We are zombie killing experts with a plan on what to do in the event of the coming apocalypse. Band with us!*


*A small membership fee of 1 (one) vile of insulin required. Thanks!





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Episode 40 July 1 2013 The Cat Show Variety Hour

We bring you the news, beer discussions, Dooger & The Gooch give you an update on traffic and the weather, and Dean chugs a beer for a dollar. Featuring music from Andrew Cole!

Episode 39 June 24 2013 The Cat Show Variety Hour

We debut our new variety show format with the News, The Snowden Files, and we talk Man of Steel, weird questions and more!


Episode 38 June 10 2013 Ryan Dalton

Ryan Dalton joins us to talk about Cleveland, having a normal life and a career life and keeping them separate, improv comedy, what it is to be a comic and a whole lot more! Tune in!

Episode 38 June 10 2013 Michael Amico

Comedian Michael Amico joins us for a chat about hockey, baseball, and we discuss Arrested Development, and a whole lot more!

Episode 37 June 3 2013

Dean and Jake discuss things to avoid this summer, and talk about a bunch of random shit.

Episode 36 May 20 2013 Mike Muratore April O’Connor

Mike Muratore and April O’Connor join us to talk about our You’re Not My Real Dad comedy show, rapping, lip syncing and a ton more!

Episode 35 May 13 2013 Justin Foster

Justin Foster joins us for a fun filled discussion on the events that transpired at our last You’re Not My Real Dad show, improv vs. stand-up, baseball card stores and a lot more!

Episode 34 May 6 2013 Mary Patterson

Comedian Mary Patterson joins us to talk about her worst on stage experiences, performing for family & friends, books vs. their film counterpart and we gripe about stuff for Favorite Thing of the Week!


Episode 33 April 29 2013 Rivers Langley

Rivers Langley joins us for a dub step party and a game of Cat Show Purrsuit and to talk comedy and Kenny Loggins. Tune in!

Episode 32 April 22 2013 Matt Walker

Comedian Matt Walker joins us to talk about terrible movies, hockey, separating an artist from their art, monetizing your projects, and the failure of the police state in finding the Boston Marathon suspects

Episode 31 April 15 2013 Aaron Pita

Comedian Aaron Pita drops by the studio to talk about his least favorite things about comic books, overrated tv shows, performing, and a whole lot more. Tune in!

Episode 30 April 8 2013 Mikey McKernan

Mickey McKernan drops by the studio to discuss his show at Universal Bar & Grill on Tuesdays called Turbo Tuesdays, what got him into performing comedy, the business side of the comedy world, performing on the road and a whole lot more! Tune in!

Episode 30 March 25 2013  Mimosas and Conspiracy Theories

We discuss/argue our favorite conspiracy theories over a few mimosas!

Episode 29 March 17 2013  Ken Kristensen

Ken Kristensen, author of the very popular comic book Todd, The Ugliest Kid On Earth talks with us about how the comic came about, his time at film school, winning the Nicholl Fellowship, what good can come from Kickstarter and a lot more! Tune in!

Episode 28 March 11 2013 Dana Moon Jessicca Michelle Singleton

Jessica Michelle Singleton and Dana Moon join us in the studio to talk with us about Jessica’s tour, being in confined places with comedians, the Lebron James of cookies, we drink some rum and Dana and Jessica compete to win Cat Show Purrsuit. Tune in!

Episode 27 March 4 2013 Chris Levkulich

Comedian Chris Levkulich joins us for some Kraken spiced rum, a game of cat show purrsuit, and a discussion on serial killers, Sports, wine, liquor, and a whole lot more! Tune in

Episode 26 February 25 2013  Grant Ramos

Comedian Grant Ramos pops in for a chat about the Russian meteor, the end of the world caused by the Higgs boson, the Daytona 500, S&M costume parties, and we play a brand new game called Senior Superlatives! That and more! Tune in!

Episode 25 February 18 2013  Brad Silnutzer

Comedian Brad Silnutzer joins us for a chat about New Jersey sadness, the greatness of Psych, the Bermuda Triangle, Japanese masturbation bars, curing type 1 diabetes, the disease known as humans and more! Tune in!

Episode 24 February 11 2013  Jeremy Bassett

Jeremy Bassett joins us for a discussion on how to use Wolverine’s blood to cure all diseases, the cinematic masterpieces of Michael Bay, the manhunt for Chris Dorner, the pope’s retiring, gun control, drones, we play a new game called Anagrams and much more!

Episode 23 February 4 2013 Tyler Sonnichsen

Tyler Sonnichsen joins us in the studio to talk about performing in DC & NYC vs. LA, specialized comics, his love of punk rock, thoughts on dubstep and comedians only doing stand-up, what a comic’s job should be and more!

Episode 22 January 28 2013 Simon Gibson

Comedian Simon Gibson joins us in the studio to talk about his show at The Hollywood Hotel, we play Cat Show Purrsuit and talk about going outside of Los Angeles to perform comedy and more! Tune in!

Episode 21 January 21 2013 David Aaron Stephenson

Comedian David Aaron Stephenson talks with us about his weekly show at The White Horse on Monday nights at 8p, the stupidity of holding a seminar on how to talk to women and minorities at a former plantation, and we bring back Favorite Thing of the Week! Rants are had. Tune in!

Episode 20 January 14 2013 Andy Sell

Comedian and fellow comic book aficionado Andy Sell drops by to defend the honor of his favorite book OF ALL TIME, “Saga”! We also play “Who Wore It Better: Facial Hair Edition”, and talk other comic books and what comics can or can’t say on stage. Check out Andy’s show on Wednesdays at Dangerfield’s 3 at 8pm called “The Hump Show”, and the Silverlake Lounge open mic that Andy runs on Sundays!

Episode 19 January 7 2013 Joseph Larkin

Joseph Larkin drops by the studio to chat with us about how he got started in comedy, who (if any) his influences are, AND we play Celebrity Clue! All this and more! Tune in!

Episode 18 December 31 2012 Kyle Clark

Comedian Kyle Clark joins us to talk about his show in Simi Valley called Pizza Day, comic books, music and we play Celebrity Clue! Follow Kyle on Twitter, @kyleclarkisrad!

Episode 17 December 24 2012 The Cats Get Crabs

Ryan Pfeiffer and Patrick Viall of the Crabdiving Podcast swing by the studio on Christmas Eve for a little Nog, some Heineken, and a lot of laughs. We play Cat Show Purrsuit and chat about some news stories that caught Ryan and Patrick’s eye. Be sure to check out Crabdiving at!

Episode 16 December 17 2012James Asmus Jim Festante

Authors and comedians James Asmus & Jim Festante join us in the studio to talk about their new series from Image Comics called “End TImes of Bram and Ben” (out on Jan. 9th), we play “Cat Show Purrsuit”, talk about their writing process, off Broadway plays, Thief of Thieves, comedy and more! Go out and grab End Times, Thief of Thieves and Gambit today! (Go for our comic book reviews and more!)

Episode 15 December 10 2012 Julia Ogilvie Nalini Sharma Manifesto of Hiatus

Julia Ogilvie and Nalini Sharma (Manifesto Of Hiatus) join us to talk about music vs comedy shows, performing for audiences that aren’t paying attention, influences, marijuana legalization, “Hoarders”, and much much more!

Episode 14 December 3 2012 Aaron Rice Dave Swan

Aaron Rice sits in as guest host with guest Dave Swan. We play “Choke, Peg or Seabiscuit”, talk about Cleveland, dolphin attacks, dumb kid names, and drink Great Lakes Nosferatu beer from our hometown of Cleveland.

Episode 13 November 26 2012 David Rosenburg

Comedian David Rosenberg drops by to talk with us about his hatred of comic books and love of “real” books. Plus we talk about H.P. Lovecraft, our disdain for Kentucky, we play Celebrity Clue & more!

Episode 12 November 19 2012 Greg Kashmanian

Comedian Greg Kashmanian drops by to chat about Star Wars, stand up vs improv comedy, performing in FLA, good sets vs bad sets and we play “Celebrity Clue”!

Episode 11 November 12 2012 Aaron Rice

Aaron Rice, creator of Redeeming Dave ( & fellow Ohioan drops by the studio to talk to us about the show, the differences in performing improv and stand up comedy, Second City, his improv show Real Tall Kids, and we touch a bit on SNL, James Bond, Walking Dead and more!

Episode 10 November 5 2012 Morgan Peter Brown

Actor/comedian Morgan Peter Brown drops by to chat about his appearances on “How I Met Your Mother” and “Wedding Band” as well as his weapon of choice in case of the zombie apocalypse, thoughts on the quality of SNL currently, Sunday night television, the election and more.

Episode 9 October 29 2012 April O’Conner

April O’Connor drops by to talk about the Garret Morris Downtown Blues and Comedy Club (opening weekend is Nov. 8th, 9th & 10th), Animainiacs, Hurricane Sandy, Epic Meal Time, National Cat Day, the election, and Dave Swan calls in to chat about Great Lakes Christmas Ale

Episode 8 David Sharp

David Sharp drops by to discuss the absurdity of Mitt Romney & his son Tagg’s name, the Santa Monica cat show, living in Ohio for a year, his website, The Whiskey Journal (, and more!

Episode 7 Reza Asgari

Reza Asgari visits us in the studio to talk about rap, The Walking Dead, cats, Cleveland sports, food challenges and more including remembering our very first five minutes of material

Episode 6 Perry Kurtz

Comedian Perry Kurtz drops by to chat with us about his 38 year career in comedy including working with Robin Williams, meeting Bill Cosby, The Comedy Store, male strip show, writing for The Tonight Show and his YouTube videos including Drinking Beer and Smoking Cigarettes. For more on Perry, go to

Episode 5 Rick Wood

Comedian Rick Wood drops by the studio to talk about Mormons, play our new game “Choke, Peg Or Seabiscuit”, Hollywood, Barack Obama: Meth Dealer and more!

Episode 4  Doug Dixon

Comedian Doug Dixon drops by to talk about the open mic he co-hosts on Tuesdays, sports, politics, Jack Black, zombies and more!

Episode 3 Mike Muratore

The Kirk Cameron Comedy Hour – Comedian Mike Muratore drops by to talk about the decline of the club/studio system, the benefits to being a comic or entertainer in the Youtube generation, getting stabbed on stage, dealing hecklers and more!

Episode 2 Grant Ramos

Grant Ramos sits down with us and shows off his Bane impression, talks celebrities with Steve Buscemi eyes, discusses his roots in Florida and more.

Episode 1 – “The Space Wiz”

Jake Belcher is our guest. We chat about what got him into comedy, our love of Mel Brooks, video games, wrestling, unnecessary remakes and sequels and more!