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Better Or Not: Taking the BS out of Self Improvement



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Adam & Jude want to improve.As people.

In every and any which way.

And they want others to be able to improve, too. Therefore, they need to know which self-improvement methods out there really work and what they’re actually all about.

Every week we bring in a distinguished guest expert in a field of self improvement and talk about the nuts and bolts of becoming happier, stronger, smarter, more effective, etc.

However, being comics, we can’t help but crack some jokes along the way. From yoga, meditation, chanting and martial arts to herbology, acupuncture and spiritual disciplines, if it improves people at all, we’ll talk about it- and have fun doing so.




Adam Gropman is a comedy writer, journalist, actor, comedian, person, left-handed individual and lover of Frozen Yogurt. He has done things, and not done other things.





Jude Matalavage is writing this one sentence bio under duress.




Better Or Not Episode 2

Expert Yoga teacher Stella Valente Wilkins joined us. She started by telling the story of how years back, when she was very un-Yoga, and very pre-Yoga, she ran into a hassle with a store security guard (who was an off-duty Florida cop) at a big box electronics store and ended up in legal trouble. The judge looked very positively on her taking some kind of stress and anger reducing regimen, for which Yoga fit the bill. Before you know it, Stella is not only practicing Yoga- experimenting to find the type that best suits her- but is good enough to become a teacher. Cut to years later, where she’s a highly paid expert in LA, with clients out of a West Hollywood Yoga studio. Stella shared some great specifics on the moves/positions, what those skinny, mega-peaceful “Yoga dudes” are all about, how hot super-flexible Yoga women really are, the significance of the rolled up blue mat, the hierarchies and judgment that can exist within the Yogic community, the deal with Bikram “hot” yoga, the peacefulness and acceptance the practice gives her, and how a Yoga-practicing woman can blow your mind when it comes to sex.

Better Or Not Episode 1

Our premiere show, we invited in martial arts expert practitioner and seasoned actor and standup comedian Erik Passoja. The discussion was quite serious and philosophical in parts, a personal treatise on the intensive discipline of karate and the peaceful, non-violent and spiritually balanced essence of that practice, and how it relates to the discipline and adaptivity requires in comedy and show business in general. Erik also related having once stared down a violently threatening homeless person in NYC and how, at age 40+ he can no longer execute incredible Crouching Dragon-like karate moves without feeling it in his joints, although to us he looks like he could whip a team of 20-somethings in just about any sport