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Become A Titan

Get ready, clear your throat and
hit the air live!

Become the STAR of YOUR OWN show!

“I’ve been wanting to start my own show but didn’t know how.”
Then YOU want to be a Titan!

“I’m in a business where it is good to let people know more about me.”
Then YOU want to be a Titan!

“It would be great to be associated with the biggest names in webradio.”
Then YOU want to be a Titan!

“I’ve got a lot to say.”
Then WE want YOU to be a Titan!

Grab your future today and contact us. Then get ready, clear your throat and hit the air live! You will be confident in knowing that you will be heard in crystal clear quality! Radio Titans does it all, including getting you on the air, inbound lines for live callers, hosting and maintaining a showcase page on our website, making it simple for everyone to access your archived shows and listen to your whole library 24/7, and connect to your social media, iTunes and so much more!

And Radio Titans helps you stand out in a crowded marketplace by being associated with some of the hottest on air talents in the world.

Inexpensive and affordable opportunities to host your own radio show right away, and we are talking LIVE, CD-quality streaming on the Internet, being boosted on our website, iTunes, social networks.

Make money by selling advertising for your show and you can feature your sponsors on your showcase page.

You own the content of our show and can do whatever you want with it.

We also make apps for your show, easily letting your fans know when new shows are available.
Make Your Thunder, Time to become a Titan!


This is your chance to shine. If you’re interested and want to learn more, contact us today!

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