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Throwing Thunder & Taking Names!

Radio Titans was started by Carl Kozlowski, winner of the “America’s Funniest Reporter” contest at the world-famous Laugh Factory, after four successful years as a co-host on the highly popular and praised podcast “Grand Theft Audio” ( The LA Times called the show “Magic!” and “Very Funny!” while Time Magazine writer Joel Stein said “This is the only show you ever need to hear. It has everything you could want.” (And no, Carl didn’t pay them for those.) But as the Times story shows, he’s just an average Joe who had a natural talent for being quick-thinking and funny. And because we at Radio Titans are great at hosting shows with awesome guests (which is just like knowing how to have a funnest conversation at a party and letting the world hear it), and believe in being very thorough and professional about it, we soon found that we had some of the biggest stars in comedy, movies and media doing our shows – over and over.

So what makes a Radio Titan?

It’s the unpredictable wit on all things pop culture shown by Jacob Bunney and his guests on “The Cat Show.” It’s the thrill of hilarious discovery when you tune into Jake Friday, Rena Hundert and “The Futurenauts” for wildly original sketch comedy. The joyous banter and sense of musical discovery that Clive Aden brings to “Live With Clive.” And the nearly-anarchic fun of stuffing three cohosts – Carl Kozlowski, Rena Hundert and Christina Myers, plus keyboardist Andrew Monheim and drummer Stephen Trotman of our house band, a comedian and yet another musical act into our studio for “Pajama Party,” and hearing what happens when they all try to sing classic covers between the funny talk and the tunes.

Or maybe it’s the stunning sounds of LA’s most eclectic new music on “Downtown Underground” with super-talented (and connected!) musicians Edgar Hernandez and Michelle Moraga.

But it’s not just that, either.It’s the magic interplay between the hilarious and fast-rising talents Helen Hong and Maria Shehata as they discuss single-gal life in the city on “Little Ethnic Girls” each week. It’s the wise and funny advice Leah Norman gives each week about all aspects of life on ‘Leave It to Leah,” and the fascinating political interviews and historic tales dished out by host Ernie Powell on “The Campaign.” It’s also the out-of-the-box yet totally spot-on advice found on “That Dog Training Show” with Tanya F. Yarbrough, the uplifting and funny yet thought-provoking show “Blindsided” with Jeannette Rizzi and friends that can help you through life’s toughest times, the no-holds-barred, edgy and dangerous comedy of the gang at “I’m Burger!” and the outrageous sex and relationship show “Pushing Boundaries with T & A” that finally gives women a “Loveline” of their own.

Expand your possibilities even further, and hear that being a Titan could also mean literally phoning it in from distant locales, like the alternately haunting, touching and funny Elizabeth Thomas does all the way from Clarksvillle, Arkansas each week on her mystically beautiful show “It’s Me – God. ” It’s the amazing insights of an ace team of film buffs and reporters from the gang at, and the funny yet informative progressive politics show hosted by Jim Coughlin and Randy Harken on “Left of Wrong.”

We’re almost solving it, reader. Being a Titan can also mean having two hours of laughs and great music on the Friday morning entertainment extravaganza known as “Grown-Ass Men,” hosted by Clive Aden, Sal Rodriguez and Carl Kozlowski, or the one-of-a-kind, utterly compellingly funny “Sorry You Met My Mother” with Sal Rodriguez and his mom.

Maybe it’s the incredibly incendiary and fiercely funny debates over each week’s news on “The Koz Effect” and its panel of pundits including  comic Ted Lyde (our resident Angry Black Guy from the Left), activist Steve Lamb (a peripatetic progressive so far left he gets angry at Obama for not being liberal enough!), hilarious news joke writer and comic Dr. David Robinson (a lefty who opens the show with a hilarious weekly news update called “The Week We Were”) and a circus led by ringmaster Carl Kozlowski  (an all-over-the-map disciple of Ron and Rand Paul) as they all bring you the week’s bad news, badly.

And finally, sit down, kick your shoes off and settle into “The Sunday Show” with John Owens and Walton Jordan, who guide you through two hours of unpredictable laughs, discussion and music every,well, Sunday.

Even YOU can be a Titan if you’re smart, funny, musical, interesting and give a damn about something enough to share it with the world!

Check out our show archives

Check our show archives to discover hundreds (if not thousands) of great interviews to see who our past guests are, but just a few include Paul F. Tompkins, Cheech & Chong, Bobcat Goldthwait, Jo Koy, the three founding dudes of Upright Citizens Brigade Matt Walsh, Ian Roberts and Matt Besser, Wendy Liebman and the legendary Henry Rollins.

YOU can do it too!

Find out how today!

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