Early Days with Jake Belcher

Radio Titans was launched in 2012 and has already had one of the most colorful histories - and definitely one of the most impressive guest lineups - in the world of podcasting. It was created by Carl Kozlowski and Jake Belcher, and was originally based in Hollywood. After receiving wild praise from the Los Angeles Times for their podcast "Grand Theft Audio", the Titans went on to have a star-packed first year. Radio Titans was rated one of the most cutting-edge talk outlets in the country (alongside the likes of Marc Maron and Adam Carolla) by talkers.com, one of talk-radio's leading news sites. They earned a prestigious spot on the Frontier Fifty. The first era of the Titans came to an end, when creative differences led to a split.

Raising the Bar with Jake Bowman & Johnny Owens

After a six-month hiatus, Radio Titans returned, even stronger. The Titans now operated from a skyline suite in the heart of downtown with a great new line of podcasts. With Jake Bowman, John Mark Owens, and The Fireside Troupe (Bowman and Owens' arts collective), the station attracted celebrity guests including double Oscar winner Kevin Costner, TV legends Jim Belushi and Tim Meadows, top writers Sandra Tsing Loh and Jerry Stahl, and rock icons Henry Rollins, the Dead Milkmen, Matthew Sweet and Dave Pirner.

Sirius Potential

In November 2015, Titans entered its third phase, operating out of the Gaylord Apartments in Koreatown. With its high-quality content, Radio Titans has drawn interest from Sirius XM, for prospective series. Also, Titans Media is preparing to shoot a sitcom pilot with some star talent.

Along with the podcasts, Titans is using its organizing prowess to put together a string of live events, culminating in a massive event in Chicago. This event, co-produced with David Blanchard, is coming June 2016, and is certain to knock your socks off (to be announced later).

The Titans are helmed by Carl Kozlowski, and supported by a technical team, which includes sound engineers Craig Nogosek and Robert Moon, tech ninja, Pavel Garanin, and web designer David Barrington.

Radio Titans - Origin