How it Began

Standup comedians Jim Coughlin and Randy Harken got to know each other as they went door-to-door in Las Vegas– turning Nevada blue for Obama in 2008. They did it again in 2012 and hope to do so in 2016. In the meantime, they’re moving to podcasting, in the hopes that unlike canvassing, more than one person will listen to them at a time and there will be fewer rabid dogs.

Randy Harken

Originally from Iowa, Randy joined the U.S. Marines when he was 17 years old, serving under Commanders-in-Chief Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. After the Marines, and numerous other failures, Randy started performing standup in San Francisco in 1994. Now living in L.A. with his wife and two children, he is excited to embrace the instant fame and fortune that come with podcasting.

Jim Coughlin

Jim was born in Ohio but raised in St. Louis by a loving family that lived next door. Jim’s service to his country has included one tour as a census taker. He cast his first vote for President Michael Dukakis, although he’s not really sure who won. A resident of Los Angeles for many years, he knows what all the cool places are like from the outside. He will act in your project.

Left of Wrong