Elizabeth Thomas

Born the youngest of nine children, raised VERY Catholic across the street from our church and school—Mom and Dad led by example and word their FAITH in God and saw to it that I was given 12 years of Catholic Education. (Mount St. Mary’s Academy/1965)

But, most importantly, because of my parents’ spiritual renewal after attending Cursio Weekends, I too went on a retreat at our beloved Subiaco Abbey in Arkansas and there, at age 20, gave my life totally, surrendering all to my Lord and best Friend. This was my “Pentecostal” event that left me, like all the early Christians, on fire with God’s love and forever changed.

My husband Robert and I have been married for 43 years in a marriage arranged by God. We have 8 children, two in heaven, 24 grandchildren, and 10 great-grandchildren. The story of our life together can be found in a book titled “My Journey, My Cross-As the Journals End,” published by Westbow Press . Our life together has been one awesome up and down roller coaster ride which enriched my heart with so many of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I have found that the only way, Wisdom, Understanding, Words of Knowledge, Discernment, and Healing can be received is first by experiencing in your life the hurts of others. (and you yourself a sword will pierce)* so that the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed.” Luke 2 v 35.

God has blessed me with many other talents and skills--but sometimes, blessings/gifts can and have caused problems or conflict in my life, as I am human and all too quickly that part of me shows up. Thank You God that You also show up!

Because of the many ways that He has rescued me, and taught me through my trials and tribulations and continuous cries for “Help”----I now do this weekly podcast “It’s Me, God”

Elizabeth Thomas