Be Healed In The Name Of Jesus!!!

How many of us, while watching healing services on television, or perhaps even attending one of these services to see what is going on: how many of us have cringed at the strong voice crying out ---”Be Healed in the Name of Jesus!” We also cringed as we saw hands pushing against foreheads and people going down 'in the Spirit,' and we wondered. Real—not real?

Having attended quite a few healing services, both Catholic and Protestant, and having been trained over many years in the healing ministry—I can tell you what is real—and not real. Or let me rephrase that ---what is correct way of praying for someone and what is not. One thing that I cringe over is the misunderstanding that the louder you say “Be Healed in the name of Jesus,” the more powerful the prayer and outcome. I do not know where this impression came from, but nowhere in the stories of Jesus healing did I come across this technique being used. Next—there is no need for strong pressure to be put on the foreheads—for trust me on this, when the anointing/power/presence of the Holy Spirit touches you, you will know! That is, if you are open to receive His Presence and not fearful or uncomfortable with this experience happening to you. Is the ‘resting in the Spirit’ real? Yes.

One day, in a healing line, I wondered, “Lord do you get hurt if you fall and no one is there to catch you?” Bam, I was on the floor and no, I was not hurt. “Okay then, question asked, question answered.” Don’t let this ‘resting in the Spirit’ experience scare you—catchers are always provided or you can sit in a chair so you can be totally relaxed. Trusting in the Father’s love for us, I guess, is first needed if we want to be healed. Next, think about that faith of a child ‘who does not question God’s mysterious ways.’ We are told we must have the faith of a child to ‘enter’ into the Kingdom of Heaven. I see this as being able to enter into God’s Presence or being open to the Holy Spirit’s anointing.

As far as how to pray for people, what God has taught me through others, through experience, through reading books on the Gift of Healing—is that when we pray for others there are basic things to remember and to put into practice. Empty the mind of YOUR thinking and 'wisdom.' You, yourself must be that EMPTY vessel through which the Holy Spirit can flow. (I must add prior to any praying for anyone, or going to be prayed for---prepare yourself as you would before receiving the Holy Eucharist. The Spirit of God will not compete with the human spirit that is not humble and trusting in His Words.) We must also remember this, the first 'Healing Lines' we want to be in---are Confessional and Communion lines. You will always find God’s healing power when you receive the Sacraments.

When praying for someone, as I stand or sit before anyone, I rid my mind of any thoughts and just wait for the Holy Spirit to tell me what to say. I also ask the person praying to take deep breaths and to do this 'emptying' themselves and to just let God do the work they want Him to do. Recently, God sent by an example what is most important when you pray for healing.

I was given a beautiful teaching from a priest, Father Mac, who learned firsthand---“it ain't what you say,” it is what you feel deeply in your heart and express with the look of compassionate love that can lead a person to being healed. When this priest prayed for me, there were very few words spoken—but oh--- the look and the touch of his hand on the side of my face!! I knew I was in the Presence of Jesus.

Long before this had happened, an experience was allowed when at a healing service with a Praise and Worship group that I was a member of. A young woman came up to me, and the Holy Spirit just filled me with such a strong desire to just hold her as Jesus would hold her. I did, silently praying for her, and she collapsed in my arms. Her husband standing right there gladly took her and continued to hold and pray for her. So, my beloved—it is not necessarily the words we say, but how empty we are of ourselves and how full our hearts are of Jesus Love. Seeing others as Jesus would, we allow His compassion and mercy to flow from our hearts and spirits.

Do Miracles or instant healings really occur? Yes! But it seems as if only God knows ‘why a miracle occurs for some, and why not all.’ Here is what I have seen during all the prayer lines, or services that I participated in.

God does not do band aid surgery. In other words, sometimes inner healing is crucial for total healing to be complete. Wounds need to heal from the inside out. Otherwise, a person is healed but slips right back into the behavior that brought physical illness into their life to begin with. God knows what is best for each one, and healings can come over a period of time. Do not give up in asking, in seeking His healing love. Most importantly, admit to what is destructive behavior in your heart and life. Notice, many of healings spoke of in the Gospels----are connected with this one word--- Forgiveness. We must repent, and forgive if we want to be forgiven and HEALED. Let go of the past and let God give you a new future, and a new ‘wine skin’ to live in.

There is a basic format of words/prayers that God led me to use, after reading how Jesus prayed with others in the Scripture. If there is a need for inner healing and generational healing, then I look to the example of the Lord’s Prayer and the Lazarus prayer used by Jesus to guide my prayers.

God CAN and DOES bring about the total physical and healing of a beloved who longs to be healed—in the Name of Jesus. Sometimes though, there are people who do not want to be well, and enjoy coming time and again for prayer and to receive the attention given from being sick. Remember the question asked of the man at the pool of Bethesda? Do you want to be WELL? There are many who say they want to be well—but do not want to follow what God tells them to do. This is why if we are blessed with the gift of Healing, then we need also the gifts of Wisdom, Understanding, Discernment, and Knowledge. The gifts of Tongues too, have been very valuable as this allows the Holy Spirit to feed my mind with a Word of Knowledge that needs to be spoken to open a harden wounded heart. Many are the times when praying with someone, it is only after praying in tongues that my mind knows what a root of a problem is or what caused the ‘illness’ to begin in someone’s life. Yes, the Gift of Tongues is real. Do you think that God speaks only in English, Latin or your native tongue?

The word ‘Deliverance’ must be addressed too—that is why the gift of Discernment so important to ask God for if the Gift of Healing is desired.

Not all controlling spirits are evil—a human one can be so strong, a person is crippled by say—anger, hate or fear. In case of Evil spirits—if one is discerned, then those trained in this area are needed to deal with evil spirits. (Read the Scriptures on the trouble the Apostles had with expelling evil spirits. Discernment and knowing how to deal with evil spirits is a subject and teaching for another time. I think it is interesting though, that when you see shows on television or movies that deal with exorcism—even the unbelievers know a PRIEST is needed to get the job done.)

Getting back to Healing in the Name of Jesus---the Gift of Healing comes with a great responsibility. We will not be trusted with any of His Gifts, if first we are not obedient to what God asks of His children—in other words, live in love, pray, fast, attend Mass, receive the Sacraments being steadfast in our faith walk under the Holy Spirit’s control. Then God can trust us with gifts that require a deeper faith in Him. Case in point---see those who have used the gifts to become rich and famous—God’s love and gifts are to be given freely—for His Honor and Glory alone. Scripture tells us in St. Paul’s words, “You ask but do not receive, because you ask wrongly, to spend it on your passions.” (James 4:3) So, if the Gift of Healing is desired—first ask yourself—WHY? Years ago, in my case, the need to be recognized and accepted had to be dealt with first before God was able to really trust me and give me more of this Gift.

There is so much to learn should you want to serve in the Healing Ministry. All Wisdom that is needed cannot be covered in one blog. Workshops are needed, so teaching can be given and then people allowed to actually pray with others so they can begin to experience the power of God’s love and Gifts manifested in these sessions. This experience is so necessary for it truly is the way to learn to have faith and trust in His Gifts working through you. Confidence comes when you witness the Power of God at work.

One more important comment about being healed in the NAME OF JESUS, it would help for all to know, ‘name’ means personality in Hebrew, or so I have been told. So when we pray in His love, compassion, mercy, understanding, wisdom, discernment and acceptance---Oh yes indeed, people will be healed in the Name of Jesus!

If you are interested in a “Do You Want to Be Well?” Workshop on healing----contact me at for more information.

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