Growing up can be hard, and some of us need a little more time...

Shane Black & Max Landis / Stephen Tobolowsky / Dylan Brody / Jen Seaman / Jim Belushi

Episode 93 - BOBBY LEE (04/29/16)

Bobby Lee exploded on the comedy scene with 8 seasons of the classic show "MAD TV" but has since gone on to do sitcoms, movies, national ad campaigns and of course headlining comedy shows nationwide! On this incredible episode, he talks with hosts Carl Kozlowski and Christina Hepburn about how he thinks Chewbacca should have responded to Han Solo's death in the last "Star Wars" movie, life on "MAD TV," his past drug addiction and how he overcame it, why musicals scare him, and much more in addition to laughing at Carl for attempting to sing like Prince, ordering Christina to take Carl's Diet Dr. Pepper and Diet Snapple away from him, and asking them embarrassing questions about what they would do to certain celebrities in order to make it in Hollywood. This is very NSFW at times, so now you have only yourself to blame if you don't like it! But if you have a sense of humor, you're gonna love this!

Episode 92 - SHANE BLACK and MAX LANDIS< Superstar filmmakers (04/22/16)

The two highest-paid friends in Hollywood history, Shane Black ("Lethal Weapon," "Iron Man 3," "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang," "The Last Boy Scout," "The Long Kiss Goodnight") and Max Landis ("Chronicle," "Mr. Right," "The Death and Return of Superman") are also great friends. They came into Titans studio and an explosively funny and informative hour of inside talk, creative insights and some great gossip ensued. You gotta tune in and hear this one!

Episode 91 - Rock singer Crown Jwlz, comics Sina Amedson and Jake Friday

On this week's episode, Carl Kozlowski and Christina Hepburn are joined by guest host Jake Friday of fellow Titans show "The Futurenauts" and guests rock singer Crown Jwlz and comic Sina Amedson as they discuss whether porn is destructive, just how weird is it that some guy invented a robot Scarlett Johannson to have sex with, sensory deprivation, ayahuasca, Ecstasy, the Kesha case, the Guns N Roses tour going on sale, Star Wars Rogue One, relationships, and oh yeah - Crown Jwlz and her kickass new EP "California King." Plus, we throw in a couple of her songs, which are amazing!

Episode 90 - Chris Witaske and Kevin Corcoran

Hosts Koz, Christina Hepburn and guest host Kevin Corcoran are joined by guest comic/actor Chris Witaske, who's in the hot new Judd Apatow series "Love" plus Second City Chicago, with Bob and David, New Girl, Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Comeback, Mr. Show reunion tour

Episode 89 - Legendary comic PAUL RODRIGUEZ!!!

In this powerful episode, mixed with laughter and near-tears at times, legendary comic Paul Rodriguez (on the Top 100 Comics of All Time list on Comedy Central) stopped in to discuss the his favorite Garry Shandling (RIP) memories, the state of the election (Trump!), how a two-week jail stay might have saved his life but his still-urgent desire for prison reform, the Black Lives Matter movement, being a Latino Republican in a heavily Democratic industry like Hollywood, how greed ruins major world charities, and why comics are tormented souls. And that's just half of it! You've gotta hear this!

Episode 88 - Comics Eric James, Chris Gordon

One of our funniest and definitely our most NSFW episodes ever, this week's show hit on sex, drugs, rock and roll, Burning Man, and a million other things that we were laughing too hard to remember. Listen!!!

Episode 87 - Feb 20, 2016

The Latest Grown Ass Men

Episode 86 - Maria Shehata, Toby Muresianu, Troy Conrad

This week's episode features comics Troy Conrad of the world-famous "Set List" shows and Toby Muresianu, who also has written for HBO's Bill Maher show, in addition to the return of Maria Shehata as a guest host. Covering the Grammys to vegan protests, along with weird sex habits and how comedy is like fighting in MMA, this was a killer episode!

Episode 85 - Guest comics Cat Rhinehart, Del Harrison and Doug Driesel

Cat Rhinehart (My Super Over-Active Imagination), Del Harrison (Laughs on Fox) and Doug Driesel (The Obscure Reference Podcast) joined together for an amazing two hours of funny talk about the bizarre road trip of Michael Jackson, Liz Taylor and Marlon Brando, black versus white comedy,dating horror stories and much more. Tune in!

Episode 84 - Guest host Rena Hundert and Guest comics Monte LaMonte, Sam Clay and Courtney Scheuerman

With Rena filling in for Sundance-bound Christina Myers, she and Carl and Ed are joined by Moth champion/comic/actor Monte LaMonte, Sam Clay of the sketch/video troupe Bitch Please, and comic Courtney Scheuerman of Last Call with Carson Daly as they laugh at the 30 inches of snow hitting DC, Monte's marriage, Monte's love of breakfast, discuss The Moth storytelling shows, then hit up Sam about Tinder, news about bizarre sex toys and billboards that Tinder is suing about, and working in a Beverly Hills car dealership and then laugh it up with Courtney about her hippie upbringing, the Comedy Store vs. the Ice House and much more. Two hours of fun funny talk!

Episode 83 - Guest Comics Sina Amedson, Olivia Grace and Pat Barker

We discuss the passing of David Bowie, the Comedy Store Roast Battle shows and the attendant rules, tips, and hilarious horror stories, plus the Oscars and Golden Globes and why most comics do not give a damn about them, plus much more. Funny stuff!

Episode 82 - Guest Comics Andrew Sleighter, Jan Davidson and Jake Belcher

Virtual Porn, Wild New Years Eve with Wesley Snipes, Craig Ferguson stories and Cruise Ship comedy. Our first show of 2016 found all three hosts - Carl Kozlowski, Ed Galvez and Christina Myers - in the house with three ace guests: Original Radio Titans co-founder Jake Belcher, CBS' Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson comic Jan Davidson, and Conan comic Andrew Sleighter. Virtual Reality porn, Lethal Weapon writer Shane Black's insane house and New Years Eve party, the dancing prowess of Wesley Snipes, what its like being on the Craig Ferguson show only to have him leave before your set, and the travails of cruise ship comedy are all explored here. Laugh and be enlightened.

Episode 81 - The Grammys, Trump

Our final show of the year was a festive one, as hosts Carl Kozlowski, Ed Galvez and Christina Myers teamed up with special guest comics Adam Gropman, James P. Connolly and Scott Vinci to discuss everything from Adam's wedding at the Grammys and his take on Donald Trump, to James' tales of doing comedy while being a Marine, and Scott did a hilarious impression of long-distance dedication radio shows before singing his classic tribute to 'Star Wars' - the 'Wookie's Lament.' A must listen to get happy for the holidays.


Episode 80 - Robin Roberts, Omid Singh, and Rena Hundert

Hosts Carl Kozlowski, Ed Galvez and Christina Myers are all in the house for a doozy of a show, as they discuss what it's like to be a clown for the Dodgers and Michael Jackson at creepy Neverland Ranch with comic Robin Roberts, what its like dealing with audiences in the age of terror with comic Omid Singh (he's from Irvine, not Iran, people!), and hilarious tales of the Comedy Store Roast Battle and other key LA comedy shows with Rena Hundert.

Episode 79 - Fall Return

'Grown-Ass Men' returns from its fall break, with regular hosts Ed Galvez and Carl Kozlowski joined by guest host Rendel Leatherman of the Westside Comedy Theaters 'Mission Improvable' troupe, plus guest comics Olivia Grace (Comedy Store's Roast Battles 4-time champion), Vinny Fasline (the Improv's 'Socially Awkward' show), and Tanya Yarbrough (hilarious dog trainer and host of Radio TItans 'That Dog Training Show') as they discussed everything from dog mishaps to hot tub sexual misadventures.

Episode 78

Classic Grown Ass Men

Episode 77

Classic Grown Ass Men

Episode 76

Classic Grown Ass Men

Episode 75 - What is Worse...?

This week’s show featured Guest Hosts Christina Myers and Jeff Tully along with guests Ester Steinberg of Oxygen’s FUNNY GIRLS and Matt Baetz, who not only worked for CBS’ LATE LATE SHOW WITH CRAIG FERGUSON, but also did standup three times on that show and toured wtih Craig around the world for the US troops. This wild, far ranging and raw funny discussion featured everything from sassy kids in the news to the Steve Ranassizi scandal, the question of which is worse – being in the second WTC tower or eating at Buffalo Wild Wings, the art of getting a uterine massage from a stranger at Burning Man, the horror of Diva Cups and much much more. Tune in homies! But watch who’s able to hear it around you!

Episode 74 - The Controversial and the Weird

Comics Bill Chott, Kevin Bozeman, Michael Magid with guest hosts Sina Amedson and Christina Myers hall joined Koz for an amazing two hours encompassing everything from Kim Davis and the Kentucky gay-marriage controversy, “Eye of the Tiger,” Dick and Lynn Cheney, dolphin rape, “Last Comic Standing,” naughty sex, Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky, Hillary’s emails, “The Ambiguously Gay Duo” and even more! Trust us, it works!

Episode 73 - Star Wars & Storytelling

In what of our funniest yet meatiest episodes yet, Koz and guest hosts Jeff Tully and Sina Amedson welcomed Jake Friday of the Futurenauts podcast on Radio Titans, Hayden Black and Julie Rei Goldstein of the upcoming controversial cartoon “Generation Zed,” and HBO star Lauren Weedman of “Looking.” Among the topics discussed were “Star Wars” and its toys, transgenderism, bigotry, Caitlyn Jenner, Fallon Fox, “Looking,” The Moth and the art of storytelling. All in funny and compelling fashion! Tune in, you’ll laugh and you’ll learn!

Episode 72 - Disney

Nationally acclaimed and controversial “La Cucaracha” cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz, comic and New Urbanism Film Festival founder Josh Paget, and actor/comic Cornelius Peter (host of the Titans podcast “Book Me, Please!”) are our guests as Koz was joined by guest hosts Karen Love Lee (host of the awesome new Titans show “TransFORMagic”) and comic Sina Amedson. In this awesome episode, we discussed self-transformation, books, comics, graphic novels, the secrets of Disneyland, a hilarious ride Koz took on Pirates of the Caribbean with a very scared fellow comic, urban planning, Lalo’s battle against Pixar over Dia de Los Muertos and the slew of controversies he’s fearlessly faced down.

Episode 71 - Sex Scandals

Koz, Ed and guest host Meghan Parks took on everything from Jared of Subway’s conviction for child porn to KISS leader Gene Simmons’ police raid for child porn, to Josh Duggar’s own sex scandal – sense a theme here?! – and then yukked it up with guest comics Carla Jenny Zigrino and Sean Conroy.

Episode 70 - Larry Joe Campbell

Koz and guest cohosts Scott Minarik and Clive Aden (an OG Grown-Ass Men host) had two hours of fun with actor LARRY JOE CAMPBELL of one of the longest-running sitcoms in TV history, ‘According to Jim,” and comic Matt Lewis (host of the Honkey Ball podcast, along with Showtime’s “Masters of Sex” as well as “Beverly Hills Pawn”) plus comic Sina Amedson (an apprentice puppeteer with the Jim Henson company, actor in TNT’s “Southland” and ABC’s “FlashForward” and standup comic seen on Hulu). As always, an ultra-eclectic episode!

Episode 69 - Caitlyn & The Bronies

Comic Kiran Deol joined Koz, Ed and Jen Murray for a freewheeling bout of funniness in which they discussed everything from Caitlyn Jenner and Overeaters Anonymous to “9 1/2 Weeks” and the Bronies phenomenon.

Episode 68 - Thinking about the Future

Koz and Ed welcome guest host Jen Murray for a laugh-packed show, featuring comics Heather Thomson, Josh Cheney and Danielle Radford. Wee discussed such scintillatingly funny topics as what’s the craziest thing we will do when we each get rich and famous, and relive horrible prom nightmares!

Episode 67 - Sirus-ly

Ed and Maria are joined by guest host Dave Sirus. Featuring comics Hana Michaels, Ricky Carmona and Johnny Roque for two hours of hilarity!

Episode 66 - Jerry Stahl & Fred Wolf

Koz, Ed and Maria had a spectacular two hours with two of America’s most distinctive and successful humor writers: Jerry Stahl, the darkly funny writer of the memoir “Permanent Midnight,” about his battle with heroin addiction while writing for TV shows like “ALF,” and now the writer of the hilarious essay book “OG Dad” about his misadventures as a dad in his 60s. Dealing with twisted tales from his days of addiction, followed by Koz admitting his own lowest moment with alcohol, plus crazed tales from his career with “CSI” and much more, this is an amazing interview! Then Fred Wolf “SNL”s head writer through much of the ’90s, came to discuss his new movie with David Spade, “Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser.” He talked about Chris Farley, Spade, “SNL” and his own incredible life before comedy writing. You won’t want to miss this!!!

Episode 65 - Independence Day

On the day before the nation’s B-day, the mood was festive and freewheeling as Ed, Maria and Koz welcomed comic TK Kelly to the studio amid a wild discussion of a zillion topics ranging from the dirty to the sublime. Great fun and endlessly surprising!

Episode 64

This week, with The Koz unleashed upon an unsuspecting NYC, guest host Liz Miele joins hosts Ed Galvez and Maria Shehata in the studio to discuss the monumental SCOTUS ruling and modern dating while welcoming their guests, stand up comics Lizzy Cooperman and Dwayne Perkins. No topic was too sacred as the group examines everything from the surprise statistics of Fitbit to everyone’s favorite 80′s cartoons Jem and Voltron. Check it out!


NPR SUPERSTAR SANDRA TSING LOH, COMIC TUSHAR SINGH AND TITAN TANYA YARBROUGH: One of our craziest shows ever, with discussion of everything from embarrassing auditions to that woman astronaut who stalked a woman cross-country while wearing diapers. Plus great interviews with NPR superstar and bestselling humorist Sandra Tsing Loh, comic Tushar Singh of Westside Comedy Club’s “Unnecessary Evil” show, and Tanya F. Yarbrough of “That Dog Training Show.” It’s almost too much entertainment!

Episode 62

Koz, Ed Galvez and Maria Shehata teamed up with three hilarious people for one great show! First, LEAH from the Radio Titans show “Leave It to Leah” (LIVE Wednesdays at 2 pm PST, or on archives at the site!) came in to turn up the heat on Koz, while telling us the powerful life story that’s inspired her to start her wise and witty self-help advice show! Then, the incredible comic/actress/sitcom writer LAURA HOUSE told us outrageous stories about both her life, AND horrible experiences with Rosie O’Donnell! This comic confection was brought to a tasty finish by comic ROB BUSCEMI, who as deemed the funniest comic in Chicago before tearing it up here in LA! Tune in and laugh!

Episode 61

Hosts Carl Kozlowski, Ed Galvez and Maria Shehata are in the house together for the first time in a while, debating Bruce Jenner’s reinvention as Caitlyn, Sarah Palin complaining about how the Duggars seem to be treated worse than Lena Dunham by the press, and much more including talk with guest comic Bronston Jones about his experiences at the Edinburgh Festival and with British comedy, Matt Hayes’ experiences as an Irish comic and writer adjusting to Los Angeles, and musical comic Arlo Sanders.

Episode 60

Enjoy a triple crown of comedy, with guest host Jen Murray joining Ed Galvez and Koz for a trio of awesome guests, including comic rapper Zach Sherwin from “Epic Rap Battles of History” fame, hot NYC comic Alex Edelman (whose brilliant solo show “Millenial’ is about to be filmed for a special), and Mo Mandel of TruTV’s “Barmageddon.” Everything from haunted roads to heavy drinking fills this episode of humorous wonder.

Episode 59

Ed and Koz welcome Courtney Barnett as guest host along with special guests Marco Cohen of Fuego Tequila, comic Ralph Figueroa, and – announcing his run for President – national club headliner Mike Marino!

Episode 58

Carl and Maria are joined by guest host comic Jeff May as they discuss the death of B.B. King and host guests Steve Mazan of “Dying to Do Letterman” (you’ve gotta hear his story about fighting off Stage 4 cancer while earning his way onto Letterman), along with comic Ryan Sickler of the hit All Things Comedy podcast “The Crab Feast”!

Episode 57

Koz, Ed and Maria welcome British comic Hayden Black, who created the acclaimed web series “Goodnight Burbank” and is now a creator of “Generation Zed,” before having a blast with two brothers who are rising stars on the LA comedy scene: Tom and Dexter Carvey (yep, Dana’s their dad, but they’re funny too!).

Episode 56

Ed Galvez holds down the fort for Maria and Koz as he cohosts with the hilarious Rebecca Lieb and welcomes comics Sean Hart, J. Vanessa Gritton and Buck Ball to the party.

Episode 55

The gang welcomes a trifecta of comedy, as we welcome hilarious comic TONY BAKER (who has his own Pandora page!), actor JOHN KAPELOS (CARL FROM “THE BREAKFAST CLUB”) and superstar comic GREG FITZSIMMONS for an utterly outrageous two hours of fun!

Episode 54

America’s funniest females, Maria Shehata, just came back from conquering Europe comedically, and the former host of Radio Titans’ “Little Ethnic Girls” sat in as guest host today with regulars Carl Kozlowski and Ed Galvez! She’s likely to join us on the regular, bringing the show a feisty femme to bounce off the boisterous dude energy. Guest comics Andy Peters, Josh Denny and Natasha Pearl Hansen discussed an incredible array of cray cray news topics from Justin Bieber’s roast on down. This is a hilarious episode so tune in!

Episode 53

She’s baaaaaaack. One of America’s funniest females, Maria Shehata, just came back from conquering Europe comedically, and the former host of Radio Titans’ “Little Ethnic Girls” sat in as guest host today with regulars Carl Kozlowski and Ed Galvez! She’s likely to join us on the regular, bringing the show a feisty femme to bounce off the boisterous dude energy. Guest comics Andy Peters, Josh Denny and Natasha Pearl Hansen discussed an incredible array of cray cray news topics from Justin Bieber’s roast on down. This is a hilarious episode so tune in!

Episode 52


Episode 51 - Jim Belushi

Comedy legend JIM BELUSHI came to the studio to share with us his mindblowing stories of working with Tupac Shakur, how his brother John stepping away from a role saved Jim’s own career, and much more! Plus comics CAT RHINEHART (award winning producer of web series “My Super Over Active Imagination” and performer on Fox’s “Laughs”) and RALPH FIGUEROA of the Ice House brought plenty more of the funny! this is a must listen!

Episode 50

A triple shot of funny as Koz, Clive and Ed welcomed three hilarious guests: Patrick Keane of Comedy Central and the Late Late Show for a bizarre discussion of everything from the first successful penis transplant to things he loves and hates in comedy, while Claire TItelman of “Chelsea Lately” and Georgea Brooks teamed up to share their tales of shoplifting or at least being accused. Funny fascinating stuff!

Episode 49

This week’s show had Clive Aden back in the house with Carl and Ed, and with guests comics Mary Patterson Broome of the “Homeo and Juliet” podcast, Chris Farah of “Chelsea Lately” and “Modern Family” (who tells some outrageous stories about Ellen DeGeneres!) and Matt Champagne.

Episode 48

Ed and Carl team up with hilarious guest host Natalie Jose of the Chicago Underground comedy scene, with guests comics Jen Seaman of “Laughs” and Solomon Giorgio, fresh off his standup on “Conan”.

Episode 47

Ed Galvez takes the reins with cohosts Megan Parks of UCB’s “Freak Dance” and the hilarious comic Dave Sirus (aka Brick Stone).

Episode 46

In this awesome episode, UCB co-founder Matt Walsh (who also acts in HBO’s “Veep” and countless other shows and movies) dropped in to talk about his starring role in David Cross’ new movie “Hits,” while also talking about “Veep,” his improbable role as an everyman hero in the movie “Into the Storm,” and the history of the UCB’s rise and eventual splitup. And veteran comic/writer Owen Smith (“Arsenio Hall Show”, “Whitney,” “Are We There Yet?”) shares the incredible tale of his hard-working rise through the ranks to become a full-time comedy writer in television, as well as his plum role in the upcoming comedy film “Bad Night”.

Episode 45

We talk with Lenny Schmidt about working comedy at nude cruises and all the secret rules of nude cruises what we all think of the Grammys, and much more, while Toronto-native comic Avery Pearson discussed weird Canadian food, the phenomenon of cake farts (DON’T’ explore this if you don’t know it already!), the mayoral talents of Rob Ford, .did a rendition of “O Canada!” before leading the rest of us Americans in the loudest US national anthem ever to be sung in an office building, and how Carl was moved to drop out of grad school and pursue show business by watching the movie “Poetic Justice.” And more!

Episode 44 - Stephen Tobolowsky

Things got crazy, then deep, then crazy deep as we welcomed back Hollywood’s Greatest Storyteller, Stephen Tobolowsky (Ned Ryerson from “Groundhog Day”, yet also in more than 200 movies and TV shows!) as he told us wild stories of his late-starting drug experimentation, what led him to just as abruptly quit stone-cold, what Hollywood is really doing drug-wise these days vs. the ’80s, and then really dug deep with Clive about how he overcame near-death and near-paralysis to stage a thriving second act in his career and his life. Then we got funny again with comic Richard Villa of the Improv’s “Refried Fridays” shows, and learned how he’s building a comedy empire all the way to Germany. One hell of a show!

Episode 43

Check out a super episode with five – count ‘em, 5 – fresh voices– as guest hosts Randal Reeder (actor in a million movies and TV shows) and all around funny friend Scott Minarik sat in. With filmmaker/actor Eddie Jemison (maker of the new “King of Herrings,” available on ITunes and raved by Steven Soderbergh!), comic Dave Sirus (who has hilarious videos against the Westboro Baptist Church at!) and major headlining comedy star Jason Collings! An amazing episode!

Episode 42

This week, we had two great comics in the house, with Tymon Shipp bringing the funny to all sorts of news but also riveting us with stories from his other gig as a group supervisor in the juvenile justice system, and Renee Gauthier telling us an amazing story from the time she auditioned to be Janet Jackson’s backup dancer, and other hilarious tales from her other life as a dancer.

Episode 41

We start 2015 off with a bang thanks to new cohost ED GALVEZ (replacing our beloved Sal Rodriguez, on to other ventures) and have an amazing conversation with comic Rob Christensen (“Last Comic Standing,” “Adam DeVine’s House Party”) epic use of the drug ketamine and the crazy stuff that that leads to. Then, in the second hour, Don Friesen (Star of his Showtime special “Ask Your Mom”) tells us all about the secrets of comedy on cruise ships, funny tales of being a dad, and all sorts of info from a long career as a traveling funnyman.

Episode 40

Yet another special guest-host episode, with Jeff Tully and Scott Minarik back in the hot seats along with veteran character actor/badass Randal Reeder. This gang of four held down the fort on a hilarious discussion of the Sony controversy (including insanely brilliant ideas on how to get “The Interview” out in the world in place of Sony!), and all sorts of Christmas and relationship horror stories, before comic Hal Rudnick of Screen Junkies called int for a hilarious discussion of geek culture and the week in movies.

Episode 39

Special guest hosts Jeff Tully and Scott Minarik, plus Jacob Bunney of “The Cat Show”sat in with Koz as they traded limericks with Jan MIchael Alejandro of the LA Limerick Festival and incredible guitar comic Brian O’Sullivan of the Westside Comedy Theatre for a highly entertaining show!

Episode 38

A special episode, since regular hosts Sal and Clive are taking the month off – so we had singer-songwriter Melanie Keller and comic rapper Jason Pickar (aka Chozinn) filling in as we welcome guests, cartoonist Lonnie Millsap and comic Katie Massa Kennedy! Plus a very bizarre visit by Rainbow Girl!

Episode 37

It was a triple-loaded, special Week Before Thanksgiving special! -With three sets of awesome comic guests – Cort McCown and Joe Bartnick of All Things Comedy’s podcast and stage show “Insensitivity Training,” Ben Blanchard of Westside Comedy Theatre and’s “Unpopular Opinion” and TBS “Movie Extra” host/comic Mike Siegel made this totally NSFW but you’ll ROFTL anyway!

Episode 36

Comic Adam Gropman dropped in to talk about getting married before a worldwide audience on the Grammys, being a new dad, being double-jointed and much more before being roped into singing a surprise rousing version of Elton John’s classic song ‘”Levon” because that’s his kid’s name. Then, comic Kira Soltanovich came in to regale us with tales from Russia and the Ukraine (she’s born over there), before discussing being a mom and married versus single life in hilarious fashion. A good time was had by all, and can now be had by YOU!

Episode 35

Chicago Comedy Works reunion special with Carl’s oldest comedy friends Scott Vinci, Cordell Pace and Dave Ihrig! Take a funny walk down Memory Lane with Carl and his three oldest friends in comedy, as the four members of the popular Chicago Comedy Works show series made it into the same room for the first time since Carl passed out cold on stage, drunk, at their final show at the Map Room in 1998! Good times!

Episode 34

Actress Robyn Paris of “The Room” and comic/writer Jodi Miller. One of Koz’s oldest friends in showbiz, Robyn Paris, also acted in what might be the worst movie of all time, “The Room.” She tells us all about it, and about her Kickstarter campaign to raise money for a funny spoof sequel of that cinematic opus. Meanwhile, Jodi Miller of “America’s Got Talent” and Comedy Store’s “C Word Show” (and also author of the “WTF” book series ) brought plenty of funny of her own.

Episode 33

Comic rapper Jason Pickar (aka Chozinn) and comic Nicky Bernal. Chozinn busts out tons of new and funny tunes, while the lovely and talented Nicky Bernal shows us that even female softball players can be pretty, straight and funny.

Episode 32

Cult-film classic director Stuart Gordon, comic Hayden Black and Sydney Pearl, author of “Diary of a Pissed-Off Flight Attendant”. It’s a triple-whammy of funny on this week’s episode, as cult filmmaking legend Stuart Gordon talks about the live stage musical of his classic horror film “The Re-Animator,” Titans favorite comic Hayden Black drops by to bring a British perspective to it all and flight attendant Sydney Pearl phone in from Dallas – ground zero for Ebola on planes! – to discuss her book and her life full of outrageous moments with passengers including how she busted a couple in the middle of joining the Mile High Club! Good stuff!

Episode 31

Nicole Blaine and Nikki Levy. Nicole Blaine is the hilarious host of the red-hot and unique comedy show “Virgin Sacrifice,” and man has she lived one interesting life! In perhaps THE most jaw-dropping and compelling interview in Radio Titans history, she tells us her amazing story of growing up as the daughter of a crack addict, living in crack houses with porn everywhere – and how the love of her amazing husband helped her turn it all around. And there’s 20 twists beyond that! Plus, Nikki Levy – a hilarious comic, lesbian mom and former film development exec at Fox – joins us for an amazing discussion of HER amazing life and winds up explaining everything a dude could ever want to know about what lesbians think and do!

Episode 30

Comic Jen Murphy and Sean Casey. You’ve seen Jen Murphy on Fox’s “Laughs” and in clubs and colleges nationwide, but you’ve never seen her like this! Opening up about all manner of neuroses about dating and sex, Murphy is both hilarious and adorable. Then, Sean Casey – one of the owners of our favorite LA comedy club, the Westside Comedy Theater in Santa Monica – drops in for a hilarious talk about all things comedy, with double insights as both a performer AND club owner. You’ll learn a lot while laughing!

Episode 29

Barry Rothbart and Sapna Kumar. One of Carl’s oldest friends in comedy, Sapna Kumar (who’s been seen on “One Night Stand” on LOGO network and all over the country in clubs!) joins us to divulge all manner of lesbian secrets along with hilarious tales of her Indian upbringing. Plus one of our favorite comics, Barry Rothbart (who’s been on the “Tonight Show” and in “The Wolf of Wall Street”) phones in from NYC to talk about the documentary he co-directed, “Hungry,” about the world’s greatest championship eaters. A truly gross and funny interview!

Episode 28

Buck Ball and Corey Craig. Jan Lewbin, Clive’s best friend, sits in for regular host Sal Rodriguez, who is off to do a “major audition”! But Buck Ball – champion storyteller of The Moth, whose tales usually involve his incredible exploits involving jail, alcohol and all manner of illegal substances – is finally here, following another episode in which he was supposed to appear but got drenched with a beer by a bum on the bus. Rising star comic/actor Corey Craig also sits in, to tell us about the latest in his Cool Beans comedy shows at the Ice House club in Pasadena.

Episode 27

Tom Papa and Antonio Sacre. Tom Papa is one of America’s top comics, period. He is the world-wide opener for Jerry Seinfeld, has hosted NBC’s “The Wedding Ref,” had his own sitcom and now is not only hosting his own red-hot podcast “Come to Papa!” but also acting on the hot new series “The Knick” for Cinemax. Whew! He’ll keep us posted of how he does it all, before Antonio Sacre becomes the first return guest on “Grown-Ass Men,” an international storyteller extraordinaire who brings funny stories with style to life on stages, and exclusively here on Radio Titans!

Episode 26

Ernest Thomas (Raj from “What’s Happening!!!” and award-winning comic Felicia Michaels. American Comedy Award winner for Female Comic of the Year, Felicia Michaels, and acting legend Ernest Thomas (Raj from the classic 70s sitcom “What’s Happening!”) join the Grown Ass Men in the studio for conversation about nude centerfolds, comedy with kids, television history and race relations.

Episode 25

Frazer Smith. A legendary rock morning DJ across the LA radio airwaves for decades, Smith is also king of the MC’s in LA’s and Las Vegas comedy clubs. Now he’s back on the airwaves from 4 to 8 pm Sundays on his beloved KLOS-FM, bringing free-form radio back to town stuck in boring formulas. He certainly broke the mold in his interview with the Grown-Ass Men, with wild and unpredictable tales to tell!

Episode 24

Carla Cherry and Pink Furs. After an initial smackdown fight between hosts Carl Kozlowski and Clive Aden, with fellow host Sal Rodriguez caught in the crossfire, this might just be our funniest, fastest show ever! Comic Carla Cherry charmed us with her North Caroline wiles and brought the funny in droves, while rock band Pink Furs wowed us – and not just ’cause they’re great, period, but because they’re three sisters ages 11, 12 and 13! You’ve GOT to hear this one!

Episode 23

Actress Shelley Morrison (Rosario on “Will & Grace”!) and her filmmaker husband Walter Dominguez and comic host Randy Harken of “Left of Wrong”! One of our craziest interviews ever, as Shelley Morrison and her filmmaker husband talk about their acid-fueled honeymoon, their medical marijuana use, the impact “Will & Grace” had on being gay in America and the fact she and her costars had to work under LAPD SWAT protection during the show! Then Randy Harken sat in to plug his Thursday night Radio Titans show “Left of Wrong” in a hilarious discussion of the week’s news!

Episode 22

Phil Leavitt of 7Horse and Dada, Louis Prima Jr. One of our best episodes ever has awesome music from two great acts. Prima Jr. tells tales of his dad and his own great career, and Leavitt regales with rock tales before leading a jam on drums with Clive Aden on vocals and Zolim Duran on guitar. Amazing stuff!

Episode 21

Jay Larson. One of the funniest storytelling comics in America sits down with the Men for a hilarious discussion of drinking, sleep disorders and everything in between!

Episode 20

Jimmy Dore, David Garza and Maz Jobrani! In an explosive three-star episode (three guests, four stars in quality!), international superstar comic Maz Jobrani phoned in before the timelessly awesome alt-rock god David Garza came in-studio for a career-spanning interview and Koz’s favorite political comic and current comedy guru Jimmy Dore killed us all with rips on the world’s latest crazy news! Tune in! Also with (you guessed it!) guest host Jeff Tully!

Episode 19

One of the best comic storytellers in America, Dylan Brody, joined us along with veteran LA comic (and head of the long running Punk House comedy show at the Westside Comedy Theatre!) Ed Galvez also brought the funny! With guest host Jeff Tully!

Episode 18

Bill Chott and Lenny Schimdt. Two Chicago comedy legends- turned-masters of LA comedy kept us (and will keep YOU) in stitches for a full two hours, along with guest host Jeff Tully!

Episode 17

One of the cohosts of Radio Titans’ “Little Ethnic Girls,” Maria Shehata, and comedy legend Paul Rodriguez each brought us a hilarious hour of comical insights. Paul’s interview is one for the ages, covering everything from the history of Comedy Store comedy in the ’70s to his fiery opinions of current world events. A must-hear!

Episode 16

Carl’s comic nemesis, the British raconteur/comic/writer Hayden Black, and legendary singer-songwriter from ’80s alt-rock favorites The Rave-Ups (you’ve seen them in “Pretty in Pink”!), came in for a bangup episode full of fun and insightful interviews.

Episode 15

Two of LA’s hottest young comics, Sean Green of the Comedy Garage and Set List and Moses Storm – the guy who went viral for throwing himself a birthday party at the LAX Chili’s - drop in to make us laugh about some of the hottest parts of the LA comedy world.

Episode 14

The men go arty with the funny this week, as they play host to acclaimed and world-renowned comic storyteller Antonio Sacre and international comedic performance artist Amy G for an amazing episode that will both make you laugh and school you on the art of truly fine comedy.

Episode 13

A triple-guest episode brought us the dynamic duo of comedy-biz veteran producer/writer/comic Jeff Tully together with Andre Hyland, one of the most inventive pranksters in the comedy business! Add in an interview with Clare Sera, the hilarious writer of Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore’s latest movie “Blended,” and this shall entertain you!

Episode 12

The men are in pop culture heaven as they host two awesome icons to the show. Alison was Nellie Olesen on “Little House on the Prairie,” portraying the most comically evil child character in TV history for nine years, before becoming an AIDS activist, standup comic and author of the hilarious memoir “Confessions of a Prairie Bitch”, and she phones in to talk about “Little House” and “Wicked Nellie’s Tour of Hollywood” (Which Carl took 2 days later, on Mother’s Day!) And then the guys went totally crazy for the visit by Tim Meadows, one of the biggest stars in “Saturday Night Live” history and Carl’s favorite cast member ever! It’s a wild, interesting and far-ranging interview you won’t want to miss!

Episode 11

Jacob Bunney cohosts “The Cat Show” Mondays at 1 PST on Radio Titans, but he still brings his vibrant wit and energy to the studio to cross-promote with the men! Meanwhile, Ian Edwards – national headliner, frequent standup on “Conan” and a writer for CBS’ awesome sitcom “2 Broke Girls” – phones In but hardly phones it in with a funny and wide ranging interview.

Episode 10

Another eclectic pair of guests hit the studio, as local guitar wizard Edgar Hernandez of Blind Owl goes acoustic with the boys while having a lively talk between tunes, and comedy legend Bobby Slayton – the “pit bull of comedy” – phones in from Florida but manages to tear the guys a new one long-distance!

Episode 09 - Stephen Tobolowsky

Tobolowsky has been in more than 200 movies and TV shows, best known as Ned Ryerson in “Groundhog Day”, and is also known as Hollywood’s Greatest Storyteller! He bent our minds for an hour with utterly fascinating tales and spins on what makes the universe work. Then Bil Dwyer of “Tonight Show” and “Battle Bots” fame came in with the killer close – a final half hour of non stop hilarity!

Episode 08

Our most unique episode yet, as this six-man team of singer-songwriters who are LA music-scene legends came down to the studio for an amazing 90 minute set of their best tunes!

Episode 07

Steve Cooper is not only a veteran LA comic, he’s also an awesome interviewer who has raised the bar on celebrity Q&As with over 200 episodes of his podcast “CooperTalk” (coming to Radio Titans soon!) Meanwhile, lawyers Michael Reich and Antonio Delgado stop in from around the corner at Radio Titans headquarters and offer us amazing insights into all things legal, especially fascinating news on immigration issues!

Episode 06

This hilarious episode featured inappropriate jokes (of course!), as well as the producers of “CELEBRITY AUTOBIOGRAPHY”, the award winning live show that brings celebs together to read OTHER celebs’ embarrassing life stories. The second half gave us Bobby Collins, one of America’s quintessential “New York” comics who actually lives in Santa Monica (WTF? Listen in, he’ll explain!) You gotta hear this!

Episode 05

Join us for an amazing exploration of the story of Chris Strompolos, who filmed a shot-by-shot remake of “Raiders of the Lost Ark” in with his best friend in a small Mississippi town when they were kids and how it became a Hollywood cult sensation! Then one of Carl’s best friends in comedy, Don Friesen (two-time winner of the San Francisco International Comedy Competition and star of his own Showtime special!), comes in to rock the house!

Episode 04

Our wildest episode yet as we take down the Oscars before inviting awesome writer David Tulczyk to discuss some of the craziest Californians in history and why the guy who played Fred Mertz on “I Love Lucy” was a misogynistic racist in his new book “California Fruits, Flakes & Nuts: True Tales of California Crazies, Crackpots and Creeps” PLUS an utterly outrageously funny interview with veteran funny ladies ROZ BROWNE (“The View”) and YO YO (“Let’s Make a Deal” and tons of other game shows)!

Episode 03

A laugh-packed episode once again, as fast-rising comic/actor Corey Craig dropped in with his fellow comic Matthew Moore to promote the latest of his red-hot Cool Beans Comedy shows at the Ice House in Pasadena! Then stick around for the amazingly funny Jordan Brady, a veteran standup comic who’s also the director of big time movies like “Waking Up in Reno,” “Dill Scallion” and “I Am Comic”!

Episode 02

Special guest LA’s NBC 4 weatherman Fritz Coleman in an extremely candid, funny and wide ranging interview! Plus comedy legend Kim Coles of “In Living Color” and “Living Single” talked about her career, the state of women in comedy and more!

Episode 01

Special guests amazing a capella group the Streetkatz- see them at the Pantages Tuesday thru Sunday nights before “The Book of Mormon” and other shows at the landmark Hollywood theater. Amazing comic Ryan Stout, who’s so red hot he once did “Chelsea Lately” and “Conan” in one night!