How to Train and Bond with your Dog

Episode 75: So Smart They're Shubsters

This week, Tanya talks about how academic elites purposely mislead the public regarding Pack Leadership and All-Positive Training.

Episode 74: Has Grief for a Dog Who Died Ever Overwhelmed You?

In this moving special episode, Tanya discusses the death of her beloved German Shepherd Hugo, and what she learned from talking to a pet-loss expert. Powerful advice for anyone who loves pets.

This episode is currently unavailable. Check back soon!

Episode 73: Valentine's Day

In time for Valentine's Day, we explore all the issues of how to properly love your dog by training it properly in a host of areas. A great, informative episode that is shot through with wit, as always!

This episode is currently unavailable. Check back soon!

Episode 72: The Running of the Hounds

What to do and not do when running with your dog

Episode 71: The Art of Whining

The Hows and Whys of Dealing with your Dogs Whining

Episode 70: New Years Hodgepodge

Episode 69: Dog Owner's New Year

New Years resolutions for an improved relationship with your dog, and weird things we say to our dogs

Episode 68: Dog As Gift

Learn all about how to make smart choices when giving pets as gifts.

Episode 67: Doggie Menus

Get the scoop on the best ways for your dog to enjoy a meal with you out on the town.

Episode 66: Veterans and Their Dogs

Episode 65: The Rub of it All

Episode 64: Belly Up

Belly up behavior is not about submission: its a whole lot more

Episode 63: That Dog Training Show

Episode 62: You Stink

Episode 61: Animal Careers

Episode 60: What Is Aggression: Take

Episode 59: Staying Afloat

Episode 58: Finding A Happy Place

Episode 56: The Reward of Opportunity

Episode 55: K-9 Actors: What It Takes

Episode 54: Kids, Dogs, and S.Hu.Bs

Episode 53, Sinking Your Teeth Into Bite Prevention

Episode 52: Training or Coincidence

Episode 51: Attention Please!

Episode 50: What the Squeak?

Episode 49: Kian, the CRPS Service Dog

Episode 48: Sleeping with Dogs

Episode 47: The health benefits of dog ownership

Episode 46: The Fluid Relationship

Episode 45: The Amnesia of Dogs

Episode 44: SoCal Animal Response Team

Episode 43: Unusual and Useful Commands

Episode 42: Will Work For Food

Episode 41: Leave it, Drop it, Off!

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