How to Train and Bond with your Dog

Episode 40: Stop Chewing My Stuff!!!

Episode 39: Little Dogs – All That And A Bag Of Chips

Episode 38: Don’t Text And Walk

Episode 37: YOU Are Responsible For Training Your Dog

Episode 36: S.T.A.R. Method

Episode 35: Retractable Leashes, Geared For Failure

Episode 34: Ode to Charlie

Episode 33: Pick the Right Dog for You

Episode 32: Affection for Dogs

Episode 31: Being Business Friendly

Episode 30:

Episode 29: Boundaries!

Episode 28: Turning Stress into Motivation

Episode 27: The Myth of Needing a Backyard for a Dog

Episode 26: The Art of Petting a Dog25

Episode 25: The Standoff How it causes epic fails on a walk, how the standoff is manifested, and how to properly help your dog get past another dog.

Episode 24: Back Off My Pack!

Episode 23: Separation Anxiety

Episode 22: Preparing for Fireworks

Episode 21: Thea Martin – Animal Response and Rescue Coalition

Episode 20: Dr. Steve – Home Pet Doctor

Episode 19: Lost Pet Recovery with NinjaDog Concepts

Episode 18: The Importance of Distance Training

Episode 17: The Danger of Denial

Episode 16: It’s Reigning Cats and Dogs

Episode 15: Crate Training

Episode 14: What’s With the Wee Wee Pads?

Episode 13: Ben Yarbrough

Episode 12: The Dog Log with Richard Lucas

Episode 11: What is a Service Dog?

Episode 10: Prong Collars

Episode 9: Can My Dog Say Hi?

Episode 8: Dog Trainers Cry, Too

Episode 7: Can My Dog Say Hi?

Episode 6: Megan Wagner, Clinical Psychologist, Talks About Dog Learning

Episode 5: What is Dominance?

Episode 4: Poppy Phillips Mehlhaff – Holistic Approach to Rescue Anxiety

Episode 3: What is Aggression?

Episode 2: I Don’t Mind

Episode 1: Intro to Tanya and SHuBs

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