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Radio Titans’ Show Schedule

Mondays (Pacific Time)


The Cat Show, 1pm

An interview show with editorial and commentary by a revolving panel of regular guests along with special characters from the LA stand-up scene. The cats comment on pop culture, living well with lifestyle choices, hopes, dreams and insight from heroes sung, unsung and yet-to-be heard.


Live with Clive, 8pm

Clive Aden is one of the fastest-rising and most remarkable talents on the LA metro music scene. Live in the Radio Titans studio, he combines the best in R&B and hip-hop with an incredibly dynamic cast of rappers, poets & lyricists of the urban experience in LA & beyond. Tune in every week for fresh rhymes and the best in beats.


Pajama Party, 10pm

Pajama Party is a live comedy & variety talk show in LA that ran for 2 years, held in the ornate, historic lobby of the Gaylord Building in Koreatown and also at the Improv Lab and Westside. Tune in to find out where the Pajama Party goes next!

Tuesdays (Pacific Time)

The Best of Everything Show

The Best of Everything
Podcast, 1pm

Discussion & sometimes debate about the best in what life has to offer. Whether it’s in comedy, music, sports, politics, movies & media, we have it here.


Wake Up Hollywood!, 8pm

Join YouTube toy reviewer Nikhi Korula, along with comic and social critic Eddie Z, as they wax irreverent on the irrelevant.

Wednesdays (Pacific Time)

little ethnic girls

Little Ethnic Girls, 11am

They’re funny, they’re ethnic, they’re short! Maria Shehata and Helen Hong are stand up comedians, killing their parents’ dreams one joke at a time. Every week they take us on a tour of life in Los Angeles and around the world of two women in one big cosmopolitan city.


The LeAvE iT To LeAh! Show, 2pm

The ‘LeAvE iT To LeAh!’ Show explores how to reinvent yourself and find the courage to reach your star! Learn more.

That Dog Training Show

That Dog Training Show
w/ Tanya Yarbrough, 5pm

That Dog Training Show, where Tanya Yarbrough talks about the dogs we love and the stupid human behaviors we don’t (a.k.a. SHuBs).


Pushing Boundaries
with T&A, 9pm

Join us weekly as an open relationship specialist and a sex service professional host candid conversations with guest experts who get real about life and love.

Thursdays (Pacific Time)

The Koz Effect


Carl Kozlowski hosts an in-depth, often funny conversation with America’s most famous comics, writers and musicians.

It's Me – God – Elizabeth Thomas...

It’s Me – God –
With Elizabeth Thomas, 3pm

ITS ME – GOD – Elizabeth Johanna – BETH ANA – a person with many names from the beginning of life. Elizabeth Johanna Marie Theresa – Hannajo, Juanita at one time, Mom, ooh can’t forget Betty Jo-Lord, too many names and too many roles…

Zombie Radio

Zombie Radio Show, 7pm

What’s with all the questions? Jeez, you got something against jazz?! Maybe you’d rather hear that zombie rock stuff that makes your ears bleed, well, not on this station, buster!

Left or Wrong

Left of Wrong, 8pm

Sit back, plug in your earbuds and listen each Thursday as Randy & Jim review the week in politics and make some kind of nonsense out of the nonsense of politics.

Fridays (Pacific Time)

Listen to Grown Ass Men

Grown-Ass Men, 10am

Carl Kozlowski, Clive Aden & Sal Rodriguez are each hosts of their own shows on Radio Titans, but when you team the three of them together, it’s triply funny and wildly entertaining!


The Fun Guy & The Other One at the Movies, 12pm

David Letterman used to call legendary film critics Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel (aka Siskel & Ebert) “the fat guy and the other one.”


It’s Funny ‘Cause It’s True, 2pm

Join YouTube toy reviewer Sal Rodriguez, along with comic and social critic Chris Z, as they wax irreverent on the irrelevant.
Learn more.

Sorry You Met My Mother

Sorry You Met My Mother

Hosted by Sal Rodriguez and features his mom – Sal’s Mom. She doesn’t remember the 60s because she was there. In lieu of family counseling, they decided to host a radio show. Listen as their views merge, converge, and diverge.

Saturdays (Pacific Time)

The Koz Effect

The Koz Effect, 11am

Carl Kozlowski’s custom mix of American political debate and banter in a relaxed comedy format. Each week, Carl hosts guests from all over the political spectrum and the map of human imagination. Join the fun, controversy & conversation!

Sundays (Pacific Time)

Classic Radio Titans Shows

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Zombie Radio